My Vulnerable Truth and why it is important

Never be afraid to speak the truth ~ even if it is only your truth. Never be afraid to fail with honest words. The more we speak the truth the better we get at it, and the better we get at it the more self-acceptance we have in our moments of Honesty. When our truth arises from that Inner Stillness ~ Heaven and Earth become One.

~ Shannon Port of Art of the Feminine

Shannon Port - wisdom Truth

For a long time I struggled with the vulnerability of perfection. I am not perfect. I can love and I can still be loved. Perfection is an impossibility society has imposed upon us. It seems to me that perfection and vulnerability go together.

We have many vulnerable truths. The superficial vulnerabilities, the we are strong and these will not hold us back vulnerabilities. Then there are the vulnerabilities that subconsciously sabotage us or paralyze us with fear. “Vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment.” One of my coaches, Marin, calls the acknowledgment and acceptance of these vulnerabilities, “Our Vulnerable Truths.”

Knowledgeable vulnerability is a state of peaceful awareness that keeps us on the calm side of the flight or fight instinct. This instinct is always present, yet society consciously relegates it to the basement stacks. When someone who knows that they are vulnerable, and don’t implement a check, they will be in low level state of flight or fight. Over time this state can be draining and leave you fatigued. Being unaware can be even worse.

On an instinctual level we have the knowledge that at any point we could be attacked, from any side, by anyone or anything. This is suppose to make us cautious of our environment. Upon the realization that we have to be vulnerable, and can do it without fear we discover that the vulnerabilities makes us stronger as a person so we can grow into our passions. In the heightened awareness we catch opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

In striving for a sense of perfection we are rendered vulnerable by self defeat and the fear of social retribution.

Why do we seek perfection?

Where are we proud of our imperfections?

What vulnerabilities have we embraced with amazing results?


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