The card of the day 8~22~2015

Ace of wands dragon

Hello Beautifully Radiant Siblings,

It is late in the day but I wanted to share the card of the day.

Today’s card is the ace of wands. This beautiful card is about the new opportunities in front of us. The intentions we set yesterday will come to fruition when we begin to see the opportunities the universe puts in front of us.

Some opportunities are irresistible and we vibrate so highly when we experience these opportunities that we literally tingle from head to toe. When this happens we have vibrationally aligned with each Chakra in our body, both major and minor. When only one portion of our body tingles we have an energetic blockage somewhere.

Many people experience tingling in their upper Chakras when they meet someone who is vibrationally higher or has an important message. Lower Chakra vibrations include arousal which starts in the Root Chakra and if are very lucky will spread throughout each Chakra eventually up and out through the Crown Chakra, tingling in our stomach usually deals with accepting our pleasures. The tingling in our solar plexus usually builds when we feel strongly about our personal resolve or are in a deep meditative state where breathing is the focus. Heart Chakra energy can go both up the spectrum radiating pure love or awaken and cleans the lower spectrum bringing the lower chakras vibrations into a higher pitch. When the throat Chakra tingles the fear of speaking our truth is being burned away. When the third eye tingles we are aligned on an intuitive level and our pineal gland is being cleansed. When our crown tingles it will radiate down more slowly than the energy of our Root arousals will. My personal experience is it feels like slowly melting molasses is pouring down my head and it is being electrified, until it tingles all the way down my spine. These physical feelings are a good way to judge the opportunities.

Sometimes these opportunities scare the living crap out of us, the opportunity feels so right and so wrong. These feelings are the growth potentials that we can gain if we face the unknown. Listen to your intuition and check the opportunity back against verifiable sources, there are opportunities that are too good to be true. Use your logic to choose what is right for you.

It is your choice to take the opportunities or chose to ignore them. By ignoring the opportunities that don’t feel right we are also growing. These opportunities have given you the opportunity to set firm boundaries.

What boundaries have you set out of fear?
What opportunities do you see in front of you, and what vibrations do they elicit?
What actions bring about that amazing tingling sensation?

Can you imagine a world where each person is in the highest vibration they can be?


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