Walk Your Talk – A Crunchy Post


I am so joyous right now. Even with my shadow next to me, I am joyous.

Bliss is my walk, even with my shadow’s eventful past and the amazing art we cultivate.

What is mediocracy?

What is Middle class?

What is Beauty? What is beauty? Do you know the difference?


Only when we learn that our mistakes are masked as discoveries; our conflicts are cloaked as opportunities; and our failure are fuel for progress; can we move massively forward. 

~Rick Beneteau


Are we capable of loving our life and ourselves?


Do we as a people, open our hearts, our minds and souls?

Do we as a people live in peace, as individuals, as a planet?

Do we as a people, experience the beauties and miracles around us?

images (33)

When will we let go of our fears?

When will we learn from those deep fears to grow into who we are and who we want to be?

When will we once again think like a geek and a freak?

When will we once again think like we actually can and deserve Love of any kind?

When will we remember what we are capable of, both the beautiful and the shadow the beauty throws?

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Thank you to all my amazing teachers.


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