My name is Mom.

My name is Mom. Well, my sign name is Mom. When I’m not Mom, my name is Stephanie Williams-McKnight.

My goals are simple. I want to see everyone living in peace. I want everyone to live in a state of abundance and learn about wealth consciousness. 

I make art of many varieties. My current mediums are graphite, collage, and quilting. I enjoy modeling as well.

I make videos in rusty ASL, about Peace, Life, living through fear and living in harmony with your shadow.

Introspection is my medium, questions my power and cards my methodology.

Words are my bread and butter, my bliss, my passion with perspective on education as my path.

Thank you for joining me on the adventure.


You found my website. There is a link to the Facebook page at the bottom. Please check out my Patreon account, youtube channel, and various other fundraisers.




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