2 of cups and the desert in a long rainy season

two of cups.jpg

The Starchild Tarot © Danielle Noel  ~~~ https://starchild-tarot.myshopify.com/


I grew up in a tropical rainforest and have a love affair with rain. When the air is dry and pulls the moisture straight off my skin, I feel miserable. Somehow I’m surviving in a desert. It could be that it is raining and according to the locals, the last year has been one of the wettest years most can remember. The farmers have said that there is too much water right now and the mosquitos are getting to be thicker than fog in some places, but there is rain.

Last night it rained and rained. It was wonderful. I turned on a rain and thunder recording on youtube and laid back to sleep. I woke up to my room vibrating and the power flickering. I thought it a dream but no, there was a thunderstorm warning on hubbies phone. I know that when I walk outside I’m going to see new desert plants in my flowerbed and on the dirt waiting for rock.

I really don’t like deserts but I have been in one for a while, even going out into the San Luis Valley is getting easier. I’m learning to appreciate the tenacity of the life in the desert. A cougar eating free range cattle. The plant that is unburied and reburied by the wind yet grows again the next season. The blue birds being the biggest surprise to me.

I’m not sure my tentative mental truce with the desert will continue when the rain stops. Yet, I have grown to appreciate the landscape. I have learned that in the high desert mountains, there are beautiful flowers and ton’s of sage.

The two of cups traditionally is a card mostly dealing with relationships. Relationships do not have to be between people. It can be a relationship with your environment, pet, or self. I’m choosing to look at the card as an example of my relationship to both self and my immediate environment.

As I delve deeper into the night deserts within my mind I find places where I was neglected and places where I have neglected myself. By drowning those places in my tears and shining a light on their existence, I see what grows.  Sometimes the flowers are more dangerous than a Mojave Rattlesnake. Sometimes the things I think are weeds are really potent medicine. I don’t know till I pluck them out of the ground.

With the tenacity of the desert rose and a lot of practice I can weed out the gnarled, deformed, and mutated emotions that have congregated in the shadows of my mind. The scars will remain on the land of my mind, but the plants will not drain me of needed energy.


What positions have you found yourself in after saying, “I will never…” only to be thrust into that situation?

Are you in a relationship that you want to nurture and build stronger? What do you need to do to make that a reality?

When was the last time you laid down in the shadows of your mind and cried, then shown a light to see what grew?

Can you imagine our world where everyone had the desire and support to deal with their past and let it go?


Peace, Love and Great Vibrations,


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