“Shots fired” & The Five of Wands Reversed

“The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Five of Wands (Strife), when reversed: Pointless struggles motivated by the vain pursuit of recognition, financial reward, or base desires. Disunity, chaos, and petty quarreling at a time of crisis. A stressful situation that brings out the worst in the participants.” From The Phoenix Tarot Cards

pheonix 5 of wands

“Shot’s fired,” the two-word sentence is enough to make many people’s skin crawl. You don’t hear it on a firing range. You don’t hear it when hunting wild game. It is the sound of panic in a society that has forgotten ‘bread and circuses.’

The United States of Americal is not alone in it’s pain, yet somehow this country has been sheltered to a degree. Perhaps it was the ‘bully down the block’ reputation America gained after WWII. Bullies get pulled down and the small scrappy kid will hit back eventually.

As a human being, curled up in a tiny ball within my mind, as our species commits mass suicide, I have to ponder Fiction. Robert A. Heinlein said in Time Enough For Love, that society kills each other off faster once its cities reach a population over a million. Did you know that there are approximately 500+ cities on the planet right now with over a million people living in them?  

I don’t know if the metroplexes, like DFW (DallasFortWorth in Texas) are included in that number, but I would guess so. As of today, we as a population are, “Swimming in (our) own poisons.” The question becomes, do we as a population want to commit mass suicide, by violence and poison, or do we want to figure out real solutions?

I write speculative fiction and try to spread hope. Yet we as a species hold on to fear. Think back to the book or films of, The Hunger Games, Beetee said: “We’re hardwired to remember fear best,” and think back to the other quote from President Snow: “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous.”

Hope and fear go hand in hand, from what I have seen they are symbiotic. Feeding one another, as the fears get bigger so do the hopes. Why was it that in the box of petulance Pandora opened only hope was left? Should hope even be considered a positive thing? Hope is a sneaky double sided coin.

The point is why are we hanging on to the fear instead of solving problems? When ID’s, records, qualifications, and politicians can slow down the process of creating lasting solutions, we are really in trouble. The red tape many people have to deal with on a daily basis just to get a newspaper is appalling. Did you know that in most cities if you do not have a physical address you can’t get a library card? That effectively limits education and freedom of speech.

Back to my point, “Shot’s fired” is the symptom of a collapse. We as a species have a simple choice, make small but drastic changes in our limiting beliefs and actions or kill ourselves slowly from environmental factors or kill ourselves quickly through the social suicide of war. As a big bonus to committing suicide, do you realize that in our ignorance we are committing genocide on a daily basis?

What do you want to see in the future?

What do you want to see today?

What actions are you going to take?






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