Wild High Desert Mountain Sage

Wild High Desert Mountain Sage

$8 a bundle plus shipping
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The first harvest went remarkably well. Found some amazing spots. My hands smell strongly of sage. I channeled a mountain goat and climbed up pretty high to gather some of the sage. Slid down the side of a mountain at one point sage tightly grasped in my hands. Saw mountain lion tracks and a partially eaten deer. It was so much fun.
Shipping is $8.61 in the USA for up to 12 bundles.
I have 300 bundles.


 To clarify: The dwarf sage bush – which is what I collected, is not edible. When burned will drive off flys. It can be woven into brooms and made into cleaners. The sage can also be tied into horse tails to keep flys away. It is a favorite grazing plant of deer. anything low has already been eaten.

I received my sage order from Stephanie Williams-McKnight a few days ago. I would like to say it was a pleasure doing business with her. She was super nice and my order was delivered quickly. I could smell the heavenly aroma as soon as I opened my mailbox 🙂



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