777 Angelic sightings of possibility

Driving up the highway, license plates catch my eye. I see 111, 444, 777.

The bumper stickers read, “It’s okay,” “Be Happy.” My brain runs a mile a minute as I briefly see vanity plates that promote peace and community.


Slowly I feel okay. 777 brings forth the feeling of, “So many possibilities.” In conjunction with the plethora of positive images, I feel that it is time to quantum-leap my way to a better life. I’ve been subtly shifting for the last few weeks. The last few years have been slow drudgery of transmutation.

Prayers to Mary the Untangler of Knots have brought forth a nightmarish tangle that has been a pain in the ass to unravel. The work is much like making soil;  time consuming and worth every second.

777: Be open to the universe dropping opportunities in your lap. Be open to the wisdom that you have cultivated. Be open to the esoteric.IMG_20150524_185932993_HDR





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