The Hierophant – V – Golden Lives

blue the-hierophant-f

While I was driving I saw a homemade bumper sticker, Blue ducktape and a sharpie.

“Blue Lives Matter!”

It got me thinking about the fears and racism within our world. Race is an imaginary concept, there is no basis for it in science. There is basis for skin color but that has to do with regional sun exposure of ancestors. Dog breeds have a higher variance in genetic material than humans.

So is race a cultural issue? I have to wonder if race is actually an issue of social norms, human rights, and basic manners.

The hierophant is literally the card that tells us, that we in our bones, know what is right. When we look past the things we were taught by society and the prejudices that have held us captive in fear.

We all come from the same place and we all know that not haveing the same mother or father does not make us siblings. Carl Sagan said it best, “We are all start dust.” We are all light. We are all golden. 🙂

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