Tarot Reading

Sage (a being that teaches from their own life and the memories of their mythos) of Hearts – Cups – Mental harmony with emotion and emotiveness

Nine of cups – Happiness(That moment when tension leaves your body and you feel the magic of living in your own Love) – Romany: Good fortune, short term, can be long term

X – Fortune – Turn setbacks into opportunities

Take a deep breath and know that you are safe. The world may be crumbling, however… we are capable of adapting and growing. We are fully capable of learning, playing dumb is a fallacy(vocab), and travesty. When we hold our own light closet to ourself we have the ability to shine it and illuminate the entirety of creation with a breath.


Fallacy | Define Fallacy at Dictionary.com


1. a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc.: That the world is flat was at one time a popular fallacy. 2. a misleading or unsound argument.

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