Card of the day – XVII the Star

The Star is a beautiful card and today I want to focus on the reverse meaning.



The reversed Star represents holding back of the self.  While traditionally it is a wonderful card regardless of its position the reversed meaning is one of digging deeper within oneself. We have been focusing on the negatives instead of acting on solutions and being grateful for the miracles around us.

Every single being in the universe emits energy, we as humans emit a low frequency of light. Some people shine brighter than others while others would swear are darker than the depths of hell. Those who intentionally hide their light, to comfort others who are lost in the darkness, can find themselves stuck in the dark unable to rekindle their personal spark.

Our light is precious and unique to each of us.  Will we choose to shine our light brightly or be like the distant star and “coldly shine on indifferently.” Each of us is capable of shining as brightly as a supernova and we are able to sustain that luminescence.

“In not seeing our beauty” we loose the ability to see ourselves make real quantifiable changes in the world around us.  In not acting we fail to stay in the flow and atrophy. When we hide chunks of who we are, we stagnate and the light dulls.

It is our responsibility to be visible and authentic.

Why have we stopped being the innovators we are meant to be?

Why do we hide from recognition?

Do we want to be removed from living and unable to help ourselves, let alone help others?



Can you imagine a world where everyone shone their inner light and lived to the fullest?

Can you imagine a society where people actively cared and worked towards making the planet a home to be proud of?


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