Seven of Crystals – Dullness & Writers Block

As a writer, I call the Seven of Crystals the key to the writer’s block.sevenofswords_lg

The card itself is about the trials and tribulations of life. It is a stark reminder to be straight laced about how you do things and know that you will be fine. The cyclical nature of ideas and the inevitable lows that we must all face as writers applies exactly the same. Cross you t’s and dot your i’s.

For me, this card reminds me of when exhaustion hits. Everything in my head shuts down. The mental arrest can be a safety mechanism to preserve both sanity and imagination. Other times when the mind slows down to the point that words come in at a trickle or stop altogether, it is excruciating. Writer’s block can be a good thing when and if you can get past it.

Writer’s block can be a good thing when and if you can get past it. The moment when words fail is a blissful and terrifying time. We hunt down new thrills, new ideas, new styles and yet words still do not flow. If we embrace the stillness of the moment, the dullness of the moment we can relax our brains and reboot our imagination.

Resisting writer’s block seems like the logical thing to do, but I have to say when I embrace it, the entirety of creation opens up to me. I look at the world in a new way and see a new structure. I look with child-like eyes and relax into the moment. Allowing my brain to shut down, enables me to not stress so much about the volume or perfection of what is written.

If I take a break from writing for a few hours or days I will be able to easily pick up the pen and begin writing with ease. However, if the block continues past a few days then I will hunt out new angles to observe reality from. Read a new genre, watch a new show, meet new people… etc. Look at a few writing prompts.

 So now I’m going to take a break and put down the pen for a few hours.


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