Ugg. This too shall pass.

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The buzz of social media and the buzz of the television ring in my ears. I can’t sit quietly in the desert without hearing the radio from a passing vehicle interrupt the song of the wind through sagebrush and the symphony of the insect orchestra. I’m reminded of the hubbub found on facebook, the constant stream of cat videos and the droning on by extremists of every order.

I am watching the decline of a civilisation, not that of Rome long gone or the German Reich a recent blip, but that of a global species-wide society in its death throes. The young nation I live in is barely a toddler in the grand scheme of human history, toddling along with an arsenal of nukes and a 7 billion strong battalion of fat uneducated monkeys.

Thankfully this too shall pass. An iconic voice whispered in the ears of the people, but what shall pass? We are but ants on this giant globe we desire to tame. Alas, the giant ball of matter, shall win out, we will pass into the halls of the forgotten and nary shall we be remembered once our bones turn to dust. Our great cities and technological advancements will return to the womb of the planet as rust and ash.

It has been said that many a humble person only wishes to leave a mark on the next generation, but what happens when the next generation is in peril because of our actions? Have we finished our temper tantrum over climate change yet? Have we ended the stupid obsession with sexuality?

Can we now get to the business of making the real and measurable changes that must happen if we wish to continue on as a

non-endangered species?


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