Chewy, Chewy, Cultural Exploration

“Get REAL.” I worry that our global society will fall to pieces soon. Over the last weekend, I listened to the BBC talk about sensationalism in the media. How do we as a society deal with this issue? First I think it would be prudent to identify and notice the sensationalization of the news media, the entertainment media, and of course the over sensationalized, “LOOK AT ME” of social media.

It is time for us to unplug for us to relax, step back, unplug and think. we have brains for a reason. As a society and as individuals we have the responsibility to ask tough questions, ones that are uncomfortable to ask.

  • What are we willing to give up? Our cars? Our desire for prepackaged foods? Our freedoms? Our illusions?
  • Are we willing to stand by and watch our neighbors (literally your next door neighbor, the town next door, the state across the line, or the country across the boarder) STARVE?
  •  Are we going to  close our eye and ignore imaginative, curious and inspired “youngsters” because “we” are “older and wiser”?

I certainly hope not. My son is a mechanical genius, he built a harness for his sister’s highchair out of a backpack jumper. He even tested it with a brick and stuffed animal to show us “older and wiser” adults that it worked.

The point is, we as a species, are having more requirements and demands placed on us daily by the olegarchy that controls our society and by the planet we live on. As individual’s we are intelligent and powerful when we focus on what we are passionate about changing or saving. It seems that when we move away from individuality and into group mindsets, we get stupid and turn into a gaggle of turkeys. I wish I could say we are as smart as sheep but that would insult a sheep’s memory, something we seem to lack.

I wish we could figure out how to embody community as beavers, prairie dogs or horses do. Hell having the sense of community that a wolf pack does would be preferable to the mob rule that is currently being exhibited. Some day’s I wonder why humans have been so cowed that the instincts that bring forth insecurity and violence become so prevalent.



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