Queen of the World – preserver – Queen of Pentacles


In a world where everything is running as fast as light and/or sound, slowing down to appreciate the simple things in life seems silly. However having recently lost a friend I think looking at life and slowing down might be a good idea. 

We have no idea how long we have  on this planet. We have no clue clue how long we have as a species or as an individual. Looking out on our society I wonder how long will it be before simple social graces like taking food to a family when they lose someone will die out? My friends family seemed shocked when I brought food to them the day after her passing.

The woman who died was a Queen of the World. She was the epitome of a good Christian, she was the embodiment femininity and in her humility, she served her community. Over the last year I watched her slowly rebuild her life and work towards being the mother she wanted to be. Her kindness was both a major strength and a major weakness. She would feed anyone, even if her cupboards were bare and house people with nowhere to go even when they stole from her.

I have to wonder when common decency will evaporate, and feeding the poor or shoeing the shoeless will be seen as more than a tax deduction. It is humiliating to have to fill out forms and provide documentation when you are starving, and impossible to get help if you have no ID.

Most of all she lived. She lived unapologetically to the fullest, fell to the deepest depths and rose again and again only to sink back down. Music and art filled her world rippling over the ally and over the fence into my world. When her mind and world crumbled she embodied the Hermit(IX) card, the Fool(0) would arise only to metamorphosis into Devils Play(XV) or The Universe(XXI). At times the Priestess(II) peaked through the insanity with profound and intense reality bending ideas. She was a preserver and destroyer of reality. She lived.



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