(XVII) The Star – Kaun Yin


How can you and I embrace our authentic selves, our passions, and our lives as they are now?

What will it take for us to make the world a better place and fill it with positive  action and have beautiful hopes and dreams become reality?

Kuan Yin the Star of humanity; an earthbound goddess who flat refuses to leave the planet until all beings find peace is today’s card.  She is the mistress of selfless compassion as she chose to spend her eternity as a beacon of hope. The goddess is an ambassador of peace and strives to be an inspiration to those who seek possibilities.

When I am smacked in the face by this goddess, it happens frequently, I remember the Vietnam and my sister. As the butterflies float through my brain I am drawn to Buddhist temples across the globe eventually my mind settles down in a small room with blue-green walls. Ginger, scallions, mushrooms and vegetable stock fill my nostrils. Around three o’clock on a sweltering summer afternoon, I stepped into the Lotus Cafe for the last time. In one hand I held my son’s hand, in my

For an hour I hunted through a small Asian grocery store looking for exactly what called out to me. I knew it had to be that day, I knew it was vitally important to give this gift. Around three o’clock on a sweltering summer afternoon, I stepped into the Lotus Cafe for the last time. In one hand I held my son’s hand, in my other I held a small red box. Inside the small box lay a small jade green statue of Kuan Yin.

My son was grumpy when we walked into the cool dark cafe. At a table the owner and her partner, quietly conversing. When I handed her the small box she seemed confused and I had trouble reading her expression. I had no clue that the Lotus would be closing after that nights dinner service, no way of knowing that the Buddhist nun who ran and owned the cafe was about to close up and return home to care for her dying mother.  When tears began to stream down her face after seeing the statue I knew I was in the right place.

I choose to be authentic, to follow my gut instinct. I was grateful for her passion and the food she so lovingly prepared and wanted to give her something to thank her in the most respectful way I could think of. By shining my light at it’s unique frequency and having uncanny timing we both mourned the loss of her restaurant and her rebirth as caretaker to her mother.

Let yourself fall into the flow of the starlight. Be at one with the universe and be inspired by all that is within and without you.


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