Money Mindset work

The first memory I can clearly remember about money revolves around a little shop in the warrung. I had some money from my allowance and went to buy some candy. The shopkeeper told me that I had to pay more that what it cost. I didn’t know until I got back to where ever I was going in the warrung. My housekeeper walked me back to the shop and told the man that he had cheated me. He gave me back my money and let me keep the mints. I was told that because I was a white girl I was going to get cheated a lot. So I was taken to other markets and taught to haggle.

The second clear memory about money I have revolves around a drug store at valentines. I was given $20 to spend on stuff for my family. Was used to talking prices down in open markets so fixed prices confused me. I pulled up to the register with $60 worth of stuff knowing I would have to put back one or two things because I wasn’t that awesome at haggling… I put everything back and left.

I guess that is one of the reasons I have a cognitive dissonance around money and the value of money. Barter, trade, and haggling were major parts of my money mindset as a child, then again so was being cheated. I’m honestly not sure what is next in this money mindset challenge but I’m working through it piece by piece.


Thanks to Naima Singletary for her coaching.


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