Social stratification #sociology #education #socialstudies


Social stratification – The creation of layers (strata) of a population who possess unequal shares of scarce desirables, the most important of which are income, wealth, power, and prestige.
Social class – a segment of the  population whose members hold a relatively similar share of scarce desirables and who share values, norms and identifiable lifestyles.

Bourgeoisie – those who own capital (the means of production) would be the rulers.

Proletariat – those who work for wages, the would be ruled

Capitalist society as seen by Marx – eventual reduction of classes until only two classes are left. The capitalist class will own everything and the working class will have nothing to sell but their time. All of society is conditioned by the economy, and all institutions are used to the bourgeoisie advantage, from law to education to the government.



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