I – The Magician Reversed – “Step into reality.”

“Step into reality,” said Naima Singletary.


When I set an impossible goal I set it there to allow myself to know that I am capable of more than I can imagine now. I am broke as F*ck, and got this way over a few million choices that dug me deeper into the grave of poverty. Transformation is a slow and deep process, that eventually speeds up and rapidly you can’t recognize who you are, let alone who you were.

Metamorphosis is a soul deep growth. The eddies and tides that run under the surface of your self-conscious will try to drag you under but with persistence you evolve. There are hacks that can be found all over youtube or the web to make the process go faster. However, deep unending change requires us to get uncomfortable. Facing fears head on requires assistance and self-dedication.

The resistance that comes with the reversed (I) Magician is based on fear and shame. Pride plays a big part too. When we look deeply into the stories that we tell ourselves and ask for help, our blind-spots can be seen and dealt with.

This also opens us up to criticism. I know that as I publicly dig into my cranium people will want to throw shit at me. Others will find strength in what I say.

Time to step into the storm.

Peace Love and Great Vibrations,



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