We are our worse critics in life. We judge ourselves harshly, in ways that many will never see because we hide those internal voices. The inner calling each of us has is the passion we have. This monologue of self-deprivation often squashes our passions.

As creatives and humans, we have a duty to ourselves and the planet. That duty is ours to choose. When we judge the duty of others, we are looking in the mirror of reality and judging ourselves. A mentor of mine said that the best way to judge is not to judge others at all, the beautiful or ugly in others is irrelevant, but instead to look in the mirror and see ourselves.

When we have taken to negatively judging ourselves, we find that we fall into the spiralling hell of our own making. We have the ability to change our old patterns. By objectively looking at our self, as we are now and as we once were, we learn and forgive ourselves. In forgiving our personal faults, we can embrace the lessons.

The Judgement card is a sign for us to let go of the self-judgment. It is also telling us to stop worrying so much about what other people think about us. The card is telling us to take a deep breath, and make our choice.

Make a decision and know that the changes are inevitable. Using logic and strategy, we can overcome that which we fear within ourselves.

We are who we are. If we want to change, we will.

When we choose to look at the wisdom that we have within and find the silver lining of the self-criticism we can move forward.


What are you afraid to look at within you?
Where can you go if you embrace the lessons and judge yourself worthy?
Can you imagine the world where every soul is judged worthy of love, by loving themselves?


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