#oblitusverba – Word of the day – ingot

It weighed more than I expected. it was cold a hard. The shine was almost a glint. I hoped that the heft in my palm was real. I prayed that the metal was true. If it was I was rich, if it wasn’t I was a fool. Breathe deeply I thought. holding it close to my chest I looked around, no one but the dead man at my feet. I stopped to see if he was alive, then I searched him. The dead have no need of anything. I was alive and had many needs. When I found him cold and dead. In his pocket I hardly believed what I found. He must have died from the cold. no thief would leave this on his body, it wasn’t hard to fence. Into my pocket the ingot went. I had found gold. No, been given gold by a ghost. My Girl would soon have a shiny gold ring and a house to live.





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