#FinalisFinibusTractus – Day 1


The thought that “we are not alone,” fascinates and frightens me, in an exhilarating way. It is like driving on the side of a mountain with only inches on either side of you. One misstep and we will careen off the edge. However, if we are cautious then we will find amazing views and  many new experiences.

I know that when I think about the unknown aspects of an entire culture my mind races. I wonder if I will be able to find any similarities between said race and humanity. Because we are, “all star dust” There is the chance that if we are exceptionally lucky we have a lot in common with our celestial neighbors.

The fear that life beyond our little puddle in space will be far far advanced from us,  worries me because their intent is unknow. Humans seem to be pretty violent creatures, we have bombed the crap out of our planet and destroyed many ecosystems. So if our neighbors are like us, they could have our violent tendencies too.

Overall, I have to hope that we will find life out there somewhere and that for the most part, other lifeforms are peaceful in nature.







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