#FinalisFinibusTractus – day 4 – #scifi

Day 18:

Personal Log Crewmember 001: Katie will be thirteen today. We were supposed to make it back to earth in two more years. It looks like I will never make it back to her. Phoebe was so beautiful the day Katie was born. I’m never going to see them again.

Personal Log Crew Member 056:  All I can think about is the beach. Saltwater everywhere. Not a drop to drink. I want my mother.

Personal Log Crew Member 809: I overheard an engineering member say that the prop-drive cracked. So thirsty.

Medical Log: Seven hundred crewmembers showing signs of dehydration and various stages of mental disturbances. Three crewmembers have been sedated and placed in stasis due to complications from dehydration, three saline bags per 24 hours. Two crewmembers are showing signs of delirium and water rations have been increased by 20 ml.  Six crewmembers have developed severe mental health issues and have been given sedatives. Three plasma burns from engineering. Two deaths. Captian is showing signs of hopelessness.

Comm Log: No response to SOS. No signs of habitation or communications in any direction.

Captain’s Log: With current rations, the crew can survive for four months. Doc reports more crewmembers are depressed and are getting hopeless. Stellar Cartography indicated 3 potential planets in our path. Flight control indicts that we are slowly decelerating and have approximately eight years before we slow to a near stop.

Day 39:

Personal Log Crewmember 001: Phoebe I wish you had been able to come with me on this stint. Why couldn’t they have made an exception?

Personal Log Crew Member 095: I gave a few milliliters of my water rations to my plant this morning. It perked right up. Once every few days shouldn’t hurt.

Personal Log Crew Member 398: I didn’t sign up for this crap! I require three square meals a day!

Operations Log: Captain ordered water rations in the greenhouses. Food rations begin today.

Stellar Cartography Log: Data on planet two looks good. It appears to be in the goldilox zone of a star approximately 3% larger than Sol. Observations for the last three days appears to be within range if we can make minor alterations in course. Current course indicates that we are headed directly towards a star.

Medical Log: The dehydration on the ship is getting worse. The crew’s mental health is deteriorating. Moral is lapsing as the rationing becomes more and more real.

Comm Log: No response to SOS. No signs of habitation or communications in any direction.

Engineering Log: Captain is insistent that we figure out how to get to the planet Cartography says is probably habitable.

Captain’s Log: We are going to get to this planet. The crew will have a chance and we will have a chance to get home from there.

Day 56:

Personal Log Crewmember 001: I miss Katie and Phoebe. The rest of the crew seems dejected.

Personal Log Crew Member 627: I want to scream and throw the captain out of the ship! He cut our water again!

Personal Log Crew Member 004: The captain is acting odd.

Stellar Cartography Log: Ten days out. We can see the star now.

Flight Control Log: We are ten days away from Asimov. We are still going to fast.

Operations Log: Half the plants are dead. The water rations have been moved to the remainder of the plants and if we are lucky they will keep

Medical Log: I am concerned about the Captain’s mental health. His decision making seems to be coming slowly and he continues to become less capable.

Comm Log: No response to SOS. No signs of habitation or communications in any direction.

Captain’s Log: Nothing to report.


Day 75:

Personal Log Crewmember 001: Katie and Phoebe will be so proud. If comm’s can get a message out we might make it home.

Personal Log Crew Member 627: Decent is in six hours. I overheard the Flight Control Lieutenant say that he was worried about handling the ship in the atmosphere.

Personal Log Crew Member 004: Rumors are floating about the ship like crazy. I keep hearing all kinds of insane things. I’m going to have to have a chat with the captain when we make it down to the surface.

Stellar Cartography Log: The planet looks good. Nice thick greenery in the equatorial region. Reminds me a lot of the images of earth from the twentieth-century moon photos.

Flight Control Log: As fast as we are going the ship will slam into the planet. There has to be a way to slow us down enough to not kill the whole crew.

Operations Log: Half of the O2 in the ship is going to be evacuated from the front of the ship to slow us down. This is ridiculous.

Medical Log: Medical bay prepared for casualties.

Comm Log: No response to SOS. No signs of habitation or communications in any direction.

Engineering Log: For the record, this is a very bad idea.

Captain’s Log: It’s now or never. God help us all. The math looks good and the crew is prepared.


Day 76:

Personal Log Crewmember 002: The captain is dead. How am I going to do this?

Personal Log Crew Member 004: I’m alive. Time to get to work.

Personal Log Crew Member 627: My legs don’t work.

Stellar Cartography Log: I hope I picked the right planet. From atmosphere, it looked a lot greener.

Flight Control Log: Today is my last day… She will never fly again.

Operations Log: Half of the ship is intact. We were very lucky our water reclamation system is completely unharmed and our food storage is undamaged.

Medical Log: Too many dead. At last Too many dead. At last count, there are 439 crew members alive. Sixty-five are in critical condition and I am unable to do much for them other than keep them comfortable. Dozens of broken bones. Eighteen permanently paralyzed.

Comm Log: No signs of advanced communication on any airwave we currently have access to. SOS will continue to broadcast in perpetuity.

Engineering Log: There is no chance to breach atmosphere again. If we are lucky we will be able to take the shell of the ship and build structures as well as survive this hellishly cold place.

Captain’s Log: Former First Mate Gillian Coke reporting for first log as Captain of S.S Dreamer. The Captain did not survive the descent to the surface of planet Asimov. The planet appears to be uninhabited. We landed in the northern hemisphere and it appears to be covered in ice. The remaining 400 crewmembers will begin to explore towards the equatorial region as soon as they are cleared by the doc.


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