Happy New Year – Farewell 2016 – #stardust

The last year has been full of half finished projects, thoughts, and dreams.

I spent yesterday running errends and today resting. I mended the clothes I loved enough to keep and painted with Ben.

The Fool Card was the card I pulled back in January of 2016. It was definitly a year of transitions. I spend the better part of the year battling my ego and thinking that I could find a “super hero” or “savior” only to continue to hear, “NO one is gonna save you!” from one of the coaches I follow.


I skinned a coyote.  Waiting for spring to hunt down the wood for the body. Maggie is teaching me to prepare the skin and Neshi says “Birthing a drum takes time.”

I moved the kiddos into the same room and am transitioning my mind and habits to a smaller space so I can bring forth a tiny house.

Worked on getting past my fear of shooting videos and owning a cell phone. More work needed.


Lessons from 2016

~ Death never gets easier to accept. We lost so many beautiful souls this year.

~ The worst protest is to not voice your vote.

~ Making the healthy choice can be as oh so sensuaously wonderful as it can be tedious and terrifying.

~ Minimalism is a mindset not a lifestyle.

~ Six year olds will wear their Halloween costumes to the grocery store on New Years Eve.

~ I like to go out on dates with myself reguarly.


A profound sentence for 2017, “Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow.”

Card for the year 2017 – The Star .

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