#FinalisFinibusTractus – There is so Much out There #Amwriting #Scifi

As of today I wish David Weber’s “tree cats” aka The People existed. However I feel that the question needs to be broken down into smaller bits because there are so many categories of “no proof yet.”


Hells bells. If I’m pulling from SciFi I can’t pick just one ship there are so many that would make my day and life so much happier. The Tardis, The Bentenmaru, The Heart of Gold, The Enterprise, Serenity, and Red Dwarf are just a few of the plethora of ships that with a little ingenuity and a few thousand strong minds could design an build. Humanity is filled with bored explorers and people who if given the chance would choose exploration over war any day.



Oh for the day we discover a library out in the middle of space, filled with books and languages we have yet to know and find books from our own home.  Why??? Because Knowledge is the greatest resource we have. With knowledge and imagination we can create anything in a way that harms none.



My human mind has trouble wrapping itself around the possibility that there is an advanced civilization and culture out there that is filled with well fed pacifist and CONSISTENT Nonviolent Conflict resolution. There are days that I feel if we were visited by a sentient race that lives beyond our immediate field we would be blown back to the stone age simply for our own good.  That said If cultures exist beyond this crazy one, I want to see it, learn about it and preserve it to the best of my ability.


Sentient Beings:

Tree-Cats fall to the top of that list, the culture is fascinating and they are different enough from us that humanity’s minds would have to open significantly to see fluff balls with sentience as more than pets. The second thing on the list would be Vulcans, similar enough to us to relate and empathize yet different enough that we can’t deny who and what they are.



Lets see. We already have tricorders, we call them cellular phones. Somehow we got a crappy hoverboard. Commercial space travel is in it’s infancy. People constantly whisper about Skynet and the Matrix. (Got to do a post on Personal Mythology and Prevailing Mythos)

So what do I want to see and why?

Light speed drives… Exploration baby!  Cryo Chambers… worst case senario we can’t get a decent long lived propulsion drive we have to hoof it in cryo.  A decent freaking Pickup truck/cargo van for space travel, I mean how are you suppose to get anything serious done without a puddle jumper of some kind! Hum…


THE FLYING CAR THE JETSONS SAID WE WERE GONNA GET A FEW YEARS BACK! Well this one is sort of on it’s way. The kicker is it isn’t really flying it is more like the auto driving cars from I-Robot.


Which reminds me Tech that doesn’t exist but would be freaking amazing… A robotic vacuum that actually gets cat fur out of carpet.


Food and drink:

Gargle Blaster anyone?



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