#oblitusverba – Word of the day – Wise -#thehighereducationoflife



A fool is wise in many ways. They know there is something beyond themselves. they know that today is yesterday’s tomorrow. A fool is wise to know that laughter heals the heart and wisdom is seldom won. A fool sets out with one goal, see new things and learn.


To beg the question, is it wise to be a fool? Or does being a fool bring wisdom? Can a fool truly make a difference?

How can one be wise when experience has never been on their side? A wise person learns from their follies and grows wiser. Yet a child can be wise far beyond their years. Healthy children, as well as children who are dying, share the nuggets of their limited experience.

When the jade of adulting falls by the wayside and we look at life with the “untarnished” eyes of a child we find that being wise only takes a few breaths of time and enough information to know to ask more questions.


Adulting forces us to look at the world around us and decide, “How am I going to pay the bills? What priorities do I have right now and how can I make others lives better by making mine more joyous?”

A fool knows that to be a wise adult we must find the things that drive us forward, to ask more questions and seek out solutions.

To a fool their main job is to share that wisdom in whatever way works. Thus the images of the trickster gods from almost every mythos on the planet.


What will it take for humanity to be wise?


What atrocities will we each see or experience before we choose to go “adulting” on a planetary scale?


What foolish adulting will you take on today?


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