I have to wonder… A #parenting #reflection

I have to wonder… A #parenting #reflection

Recently a politician in the USA said she feared for her grandchildren’s future. She spoke of the environment and climate change. When the ice sheets melt and the ocean changes, changing the weather what will we do? Our children will on day face problems we can barely imagine. Speculative fiction is one of the ways we as adulting adults can look for solutions. Reflecting on life now and viewing it from a new perspective gives us more to work with.

I often find myself saying, “I have to  wonder…” The thought of wonderment and exploration fill my mind and as I watch my son I have to wonder. I wonder about the beautiful things he can and may create if given the opportunity. I wonder what technology he will have that I can’t even imagine right now. I wonder if he will marry. I wonder if he will build or paint or play with numbers and words.  I wonder where he will be safe and if he will be able to live on his own.


My son is tenacious, imaginative and a problem solver by nature. He has also died a number of times. I credit his desire to explore and push every boundary that he encounters to having so many near death experiences before the time he turned one. He can take anything apart with a screwdriver and enough time. Then he will lego the pieces back together in odd ways to create what he wants or needs. His imagination is vast yet he is only now finding that words have meaning.

I started reading to him the first time I could get to the NICU.  I was on book 18, full chapter books. I remember the day I was told he was deaf. Ink Heart… I never finished it. I couldn’t bring my voice back. He suffered for my pain, even though I do the best I can that event traumatized me.

His visual primer included Curious George and Cosmos. Now he watches science documentaries with his father. He watches the ice melt. He watches species go extinct. He watches fires burn and hurricanes destroy the planet. Yet he carefully watches the universe.

So I have to wonder what his life will be like in four years. I have to wonder… What will he push me to create? What will the ripples create?

I have to wonder, “What steps will be taken from here onwards to give him a home worth being proud of?”







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