#FinalisFinibusTractus – #scifi

A sickeningly sweet female voice rang across the intercom, “Flight Day 148,196. Today’s breakfast includes wheatgrass shakes, scrambled tofu and pancakes. Have a wonderful day.”

20 Showers turn on simultaneously over the ship: the water a perfect 40ᐤC and water pressure that those in normal gravity would envy. Two minutes later the water stops flowing and soapy jets spray for thirty seconds. Water at 10ᐤC sprays out of jets in all directions for exactly one minute. Warm air envelopes the small stall and a warm towel appears as the wall panel moves to the left.

Capitan Skylar Humphries sat at her desk flipping through a digital photo album. Sighing she stood and walked to the cafeteria to grab a tray. The dining hall was somber and quiet. Alone she walked and ate. As she reached a dark metallic orange door she gulped. Excitement, fear, and sadness filled her body.

Tapping a 35 digit code she memorized sixty years earlier. People leapfrogging through time like this was rough on her but necessary. The next thirty days would be bittersweet. The next year down right sad.

On the other side of the door lay row after row of cryopods each held people of different ages and origins. Next to the door a display held 7 pod numbers and a name. Skylar walked to each pod and scanned a plastic card embedded with nano-microchips.  

The seven pods with numbers hummed. At the eighth pod she hesitated. Timothy Bryant. They had trained together. When the former Captain had woken her, she hadn’t recognized him at all. There was a high likelihood that Timothy wouldn’t know who she was at all.

Skylar had never been too keen on the pods, but to explore space, she had thought it worth it so long ago. Part of her regretted the decision. If she survived the next twelve months she would be put in cryo until they arrived at the first planet of call. However, colony building is for young people… she would be considered an elder.

“Skylar? Is that you?”

A sad smile spread across her face, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.


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