#FinalisFinibusTractus – #choose #scifi

“Choose. 10.”

This was the last place I ever thought I would find myself in.


Three dollars in my wallet.  No creds in the bank and nothing on the chip. Can’t pay up.


I’ve been the walking dead for almost ten years but I definitely don’t wanna get shot in the head or whatever these yahoos plan on doing to kill me.


I never thought this would be collected on because I told them what the money was for. That poor kid… Where is this bitches motherly instinct?


How do I weasel out of this? I drew a blank. Not a single thought crossed my mind.


No ideas… really I have nothing? Usually, I’m a lot quicker on my feet about this shit!


I don’t wanna leave terra-firma. This has been my home. I’m not that into traveling! What if the ship explodes!??


There has to be a way to pay this chick back today. No. There is nothing I can do.


No choice.


“Fine I will be part of the crew.” The guy holding me by my cuff dropped me suddenly.

The chick holding the gun laughed, “No. You will be part of the heist.”


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