#FinalisFinibusTractus -Is that apple poisonous? #scifi

209 people stood around the tree. It looked a lot like an apple tree from back home. The scientists were cutting open the bright red fruit. On was thinking, ‘Apple seeds are in our seed stock,  if this is close then apples may be a viable crop!’

The six children in the group were looking longingly at the red orbs.  “One whispered,”apple pie?” Myths from Terra. One child spoke, “Apples used to be given as gifts at the winter holiday called Christmas.” Another child laughed and said, “Stupid those were oranges.” Another asked, “What are oranges?”

The adults who were old enough to remember apple pies salivated at the memory. The apple trees in the upper New York Biome only produced half a dozen each season and only for seed stock.

“We need to draw lots.” It was the voice of the team leader. No one liked or trusted the guy. So far he had jumped every time they came across a native herbivore and whenever someone sneezed.

“Oh, I think the illustrious leader needs to taste it first. That is the medal of a true leader,”  the philosopher of the group spoke up.

The grandmother of the group spoke up, “Every one of us is valuable and I agree that we need to draw lots. Who else agrees?”

Only a few hands raised. Then the voices began to get louder

Unseen by the arguing adults the youngest child had shimmied up the tree. It was like climbing a fire escape but better. There were all kinds of places to grab ahold and pull up. He saw two animals in the tree that looked kind of like the serpents in his picture dictionary. He avoided them. He scooted out onto a thick branch and reached for one of the bright red fruit.  It was heavy. Smelled sweet. Licking the skin, he tasted air, water,  and something he had never known before. He took a small bite. It was good. Taking a bigger bite, he couldn’t help but laugh. It was like… he didn’t know. It was so sweet.

The boys laughter grew and the adults looked towards the tree some afraid and others curious. “I volunteer! They are really tasty. I’m going to eat another one!”


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