#FinalisFinibusTractus – #scifi – Invasion of the cats

Two creatures that looked an awful lot like house cats sat conversing in what appeared to be meows and purrs. The flicks of tails, the twitches of ears and whiskers seems to be some kind of advanced communication.

The only reason Candance Lee knew that there was more to the two felines was that they ha walked on two feet out of a… well a space ship. Candance was desperately trying to decipher what the aliens were saying when suddenly she realized that she had seen them both before.

She pulled out her phone and hunted down a cat video she had shared six months earlier on FaceBook. Sure enough, the same two cats were sitting in a room using the same communication techniques that were being exhibited at the moment behind the glass.

Off in the corner of the glass cage was a third cat. One born and raised and presumably one that evolved on earth. It’s fur on end back arched in obvious fear. The two aliens looked almost

The two aliens looked at the cat almost as if it was both n insult and a pity. How Candice could tell was beyond her, yet she knew.



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