#Bookreview – Paradox Series by Stewart Sanders – Spoiler Alert #scifi

I finished up Convergent Paradox (Book 2) and  Paralysis Paradox (Book 1) for the third time. While the confusion I felt in book one demanded I read book two I’m glad I did. Book 2 cleared up some of my confusions and left me hungry to read book 3. I had some trouble wrapping my head around a number of the complex concepts in both books, but on the second and third readings I picked up subtle information that I missed on the first read.

The main character being in 4 locations simultaneously was tough to comprehend. The sleep-wake transition appears to be a good method but takes significant practice to keep the flow. Some of the abrupt transitions are understandable because of the events in the plot. Compared to the smoother transitions in book two, the perspective shifts in book one are rough. 

Convergent Paradox rings of quantum entanglement yet the way the tales are woven brings to mind a film where the main character couldn’t tell if one life was real or the dream life was real. I do hope that in the third installment reality gets cleared up. 

I love the character development from book one to book two. Each facit of the character seems to have been developed separately (book one), then merged into a fifth character that encompasses the knowledge of each era(book two). Simultaneously an 11th century prince, a common worker in 1911, a teenage girl in 1996 and a machine somewhere in an alternate future, the fifth character holds each in balance. Each character could theoretically stand on its own, but as the memories bleed through clearly on each page you see how the fifth character is evolving. 

Endings: Cliffhangers. Sad to say while the cliffhangers are well written they did not leave me any satisfaction or closure at all.

Anamnesis Paradox (Book three ) Looks promising. I hope it clears up a few things about the time loop the main character seems to be stuck in. I really hope it doesn’t hold a cliffhanger to a new series.


Personally, I feel that this series would have been better served if it were one book.  If I had been dropped into book two then went back to read book one I would not have read the series.  These are not stand alone books.   Find all three books together here. <<<<

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