#BookReview – Entangled (Ages of Invention Book 1) by S.B.K. Burns – #timetravel #scifi #romancenovel

Entangled Ages of Invention Book 1 is a really well-written story.  The cover art threw me. I was hesitant to read it at first but after five pages I was hooked.

Dawn an emotional Hume’n has been masquerading as an emotionless Cartesian. Her only thoughts in the last few year focusing on her life’s work, past life regression. Enter her university professors brother, Taylor. He is a quintessential bodybuilder who happens to love mathematics and is a Cartesian.

The book holds all the components of a great time travel book, a machine with a shady scientist, another shady scientist, ghosts, body jumping and it wouldn’t be a smashing romance without the sex scenes.

Fact-checking some of the science was a blast, I got a crash course in advanced mathematics and some 18th-century history. I appreciated the information at the back of the book about the inspiration for some of the characters.

(The link at the top of the page is an Amazon Affiliate link. Please support the Author and this blog.)

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