#FinalisFinibusTractus – #scifi – #amwriting

I need to go back and count how many prompts this makes…

“The textiles will be gone and most if not all of the buildings will have succumb to the elements.  Sadly so much of the last few societies…  everything was decomposable. Many scholars believe it had to do with that global climate epidemic of the early part of the Aquarian Age. Nothing like the barren wasteland we will soon be descending on. As you know,” The professor of astroarchaeology from the Sirius System continued, “The planet has been abandoned for at least a thousand years. You each have your atmospheric suits. Here is the list of what you will be looking for. ”

A list appeared on the vid screens of each persons atmo-suit.

  • stones that appear to be shaped by man.
  • metallic objects
  • headstones
  • “Time capsules” – GPS coordinates included in your com system
  • plants of any kind
  • bones – (note surroundings and look for others (time limit 2 days)
  • any objects within Historical sites – GPS coordinates included in your com system
  • anything looking man made
  • buckets filled with seeds
  • anything interesting

“You have your assignments and collection locations. See you in 10 days.”


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