#FinalisFinibusTractus – #scifi – #Cryogenics #Pets

My little Pug spends more time in his kennel than I want to admit, however, he also runs along a bike at full speed, chases cows when he is out in the field with D and licks us silly when he is out and about…

When humanity finally leaves the planet I would hope that we would bring out cats, dogs, gerbils, lizards and other fur babies along with us. On Generation

On Generation ships, I imagine that mice and rats would have probably stowed away… just like on the wooden ships of old. Cats would definitely come along too. Dogs are companions I would hope would come, but realistically pets would fare best in cryo.

If a dog spent years in cryo I wonder if they would become more sentient due to all the time in REM… Or if they would still sit where they are today. It might be cool to have a dog that can be as cognitive as a teenager… then again they might become incredibly big tricksters.


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