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“It worked! It bloody well worked!” grinning from ear to ear after nearly a decade and a half, Maboz had managed to link his physical room to her mind. He had managed to get it to work before but for some reason, he couldn’t get her there while he was there. This time was different. She looked just like the day he had met her, down to the narcissus flowers in her hair. She was a little older than the day in the hospital with her grandmother.

A moment of deep sadness overwhelmed him as he saw no recognition in her eyes.

Yet he couldn’t help himself he reached out to her naked form, started to speak to her, and kissed her cheek. Then everything went black.

Damn. It had been close. He wanted to talk to her he had to get back into that dream. As much as he tried it didn’t happen.

Morpheus had told him it would be difficult.






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