#Review – Earth Balance #Vegan Cheddar Squares – #autism

Confession: I eat small bags of CheezIt’s in the car occasionally… When I am completely alone.

Okay, so I love trying Vegan food.  However, my son and his father are allergic to dairy. Dairy really messes with my kiddo’s Autism and makes meltdowns intense!!!

We eat a 99.99% dairy-free foods and eat vegan most days.


In a side by side taste test I prefer Earth Balance #Vegan Cheddar Squares. I like the buttery-nutty flavor. The crunch is softer than Cheez-It‘s. The flavor is a bit more intense, it isn’t exactly a sharp cheddar flavor, I can taste the nutch. It is more of a mild cheddar with a buttery flavor.

SECOND CONFESSION: I bought the box for my hubby and son… Then I ate the whole thing before I got home. I had to buy a second box.

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