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As memories overlapped, memories from thousands of lives, she sat dizzy from the sheer volume of information her mind was being forced to process. Suicide crossed her mind. Then the anger flooded her mind and she started to focus. Walking to the bathroom she grabbed a bottle and glass of water. Returning to her bed she downed four of the sleeping pills and the whole glass of water. Trying in vain to reign in her temper and not let the temporal shift drive her mad, she stared at the ceiling. Slowly the mortal world faded.  


Persephone woke moments after the sleeping pills kicked in. The high queen of the underworld stood in a dark room, willing the curtains to open, it flooded with light. The private quarters of the queen. Even Death was afraid to enter this sacred and private suit. Embroidered tapestries that she and her mother had made during the early years of her marriage, covered the walls. Naked she approached the door it opened in front of her. The temperature of the building dropping as she worked to hold her temper in check.

She stormed barefoot down the long corridor, large blue flames licking at her heels and purple sparks flying from her hair. She was livid. As she entered the great hall, spirits reached out of the pools to touch the hem of her skirt begging to go home. They had been there long before she had entered his home. As she approached the banquet table her temper flared along with her long dormant wedding gifts.

“How dare you!” she yelled. “You bastard. How dare you drop into my life like this. The agreement was that I could incarnate into any life I wished, you would let me live it without interference. I had no memories of you. Why? Why couldn’t you let me have this normal lifetime and collect me when I died? I have always come home.” Motioning to the sparks and flames around her body, “How am I supposed to explain this to my family?”

“I missed you.”

“Well that’s grand. I have a child and a husband.”

“You didn’t seem to mind until your memories came back. Besides you have two lovers and he has one as well. Why do you insist on excluding me from your life?”

“That’s not fair, I’m not intentionally excluding you, I want to live and experience more than this… this place. I was working on something important. ”

“Would you like some tea?”

“Yes and stop changing the topic.”

“Why not invite your “husband” to visit here with you? I haven’t had a male lover in few centuries.”

“Absolutely not. End of discussion.”

“As you wish darling. Would you at least act a little happy that I finally figured out how to spend time with you during your little excursions of living.”

“When I warm up a bit I might forgive you. Are you going to leave me alone to live this lifetime?”

“Absolutely not. End of discussion.”

“Fine. We need to set new rules and parameters. I assume my wedding gifts will be back in full force now, even when I’m awake. ”

“Most likely.”

Under her breath, “This is gonna be fun.’ in a sarcastic but warmer tone, loud enough that the invisible help went scurrying, ‘Why did you track me down? It must have been pretty important since you broke your promise.”

In an uncharacteristically timid and embarrassed tone, Maboz answered her question,“Well… I missed you.”


“I just missed you.” He wrapped his arms around her and drew her to his chest, “You fast cycled so I only got to see you for a few minutes.”

Even in the dream realm, the Limbo between his reality and hers, she melted into his familiar embrace. Her anger belying their five millennium marriage.

“Maybe I should take a vacation and come spend some time with your new family. Strap on a new flesh suit and get some sun.”

“No,” she emphatically stated

“Why not? It has been ages since I took personal time. If I recall it was around the time of Ramesses I.

“ So what rules will we be playing by this time and just who are you planning on getting to cover you? The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy?”

“ Actually, I covered for Santa in the 18th century and he owes me a favor.”

“ I wasn’t serious.

“I am.”

“Now what?”

“Now… You explain why you slapped me and insisted on looking at the Codex moments after I picked you up.”

A memory slammed to the forefront of her mind. Her shoulders dropping, “Let’s get to Nick’s.”



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