#autism #Parenting #WTFReally ?

A disassembled bed and a snow day.

Rotate the laundry… find my missing shampoo bottle… empty wrapped up in a t-shirt covered in shampoo.

Start a breakfast… look for the oatmeal… give up when I find the bag empty when it was half full before bed. Pour cereal and soy milk.

Start washing dishes… notice the water pressure is low, suddenly hear the shower running below me. Walk calmly to the bathroom… Find the kiddo’s mattress in the shower. Beathe deeply and imagine I’m on a beach doing SunSalutation.

No school… Nothing productive done…

Walk into the kitchen after going to the bathroom, find son naked making brownies… his own recipe. At least he likes to cook… Why is the commercial size baking powder tub full of cocoa and honey?

Take a shower… Have son come in bathroom and want a shower… finish rinsing conditioner out of my hair, plait hair then get a towel, dry off then get dressed. Then he follows me out and wants a hug not a shower… give him a hug and send him back to bed.

Walk into my bedroom… Find child wrapped up in a blanket watching cooking videos on youtube. His mattress is still wet. Cuddle for one video, take the laptop and start writing… He bangs is head on the wall, 10 minutes later is asleep… still sitting up. I readjust him then tuck him in and go hide in the laundry room to write.


Life in the day of a Gothic MomShell… AKA This Autism Mom.


If you like what I write and want to support my son’s painting habits or life in general click HERE.

Peace Love and Great Vibrations,



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