Why I am going back to being #vegan.

For a little over three years, I forsook being vegan. I was sick, people brought me meals that were not vegan, started feeding my kid McDonalds and well life got rough. I’m jumping back into animal-free foods. My husband has requested I buy breakfast meats for Sunday brunch and meat for Boots our pug. I can get behind the meat for Boots. It is a heck of a lot better for him than dog food… and it won’t be that much of a stretch, he already eats about 10 pounds of meat a month. The two pounds of meat hubby wants a month I can overlook… for now.

My family never went back to dairy due to food allergies, so at this point, we are going back to not eating meat.

In the last two months, I cut back our meat consumption by over 3/4. This month all I bought was Pepperoni which was devoured in a day, and a pound of high-quality Bacon and a pound of high-quality sausage for my husband. (dog food excluded)

My son is addicted to hamburgers at this point so I’m going to be experimenting with vegan paddies.


As for the seitan based “meats,” I’m gonna pass for the most part. I will probably make Pepperoni and sausage… I need to dig up my old vegan cooking notes.


As for the why???

I want to get healthy again and well I’m sick of all the water waste in the commercial meat industry.


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