Coaching Review

“Why are you putting up roadblocks?” #coaching #MomshellConfessional

Sitting in my coaches car, waiting for my son’s IEP. I threw a huge roadblock in front of my flow. “I would have to have a car to keep him from killing me if I choose to homeschool him.”

“I would have to have a car to keep him from killing me if I choose to homeschool him.”

Those words actually left my mouth. We had been talking about setting up a curriculum for the summer for Ben. Subconsciously I tossed the biggest issue I could out in front of me that I could, all while I was suppose to be reviewing and preparing for Ben’s IEP.

My coach asked me bluntly why I was roadblocking. She didn’t use that term at first. My confusion was evident so she broke it down into a much more visual example.

“You have a bad habit of putting caution cones and roadblocks in your way. Big bright obstacles that keep you from the direct path.”

Thinking about it I do. It is part of what makes me appear to be an amateur and part of what makes me appear to be a fool. Mostly it slows me down.

What do I do?

When I catch myself doing this I open myself up to the endless possibilities the universe puts in front of me and have a little faith and trust that everything will fall into place for my highest good.

Mantras seem to be helping.


Peace Love and Great Vibrations,




YOU ARE  A BADASS by Jen Sincero

A sassy and audacious SELF HELP BOOK. Jen Sincero is freaking awesome. This book is a coaching dream, she weaves her personal experiences and solid coaching with a killer wit to create a wonderful guide.

Crass words and hilarious stories fill the pages as well as information about how to get your shit together. Dealing ith yourself is the biggest theme of the book. Dig out the imaginary bullet and be a BadASS.


There are a few issues. If you are chronically depressed, this book may rub some serious salt in the wounds. Getting past Depression is a difficult and seriously intense problem… however, letting go can make healing from depression easier. Dealing with the excuses and crap we have dealt with is necessary. Been there, done it and  still pulling out of depression when it hits.


Amber Zeta – The Mythic Dream Weaver – A Review of Services

 Amber Zeta – The Mythic Dream Weaver


What Energy Space and Consciousness can you and your body be in a lot? It is often about being the energy to receive. The actions will follow. ”

I met Amber at a coaching seminar in Denver last year. We spent about a year trying to get together for a session. Finally, I was able to have a session with her over the phone. It was a really interesting session. She taught me how to create and destroy thought patterns in my mind that were harming my life. The paradigm shift literally had my vision shifting.

Amber uses two main modalities, one is the Access Consciousness Bars, I experienced the Clearing Statements. The second is her mythic coaching which I really enjoyed. I got a small taste of both modalities via phone back in May.

From a background in both science and metaphysics she acted as both Douala and Reaper, explaining that the only energy that I can hold and use is my own. She assisted me in releasing the energy, thought patterns and perceptions that were not my own. She guided me and acted as an anchor while I searched for and reclaimed the stagnant energy I had given to others.

Channeling the energy of a mother, I was told off. The reason for this was I had forgotten a very simple rule. “We are not required to suffer, to make others lives better.” I was unconsciously martyring myself.

I also received a pretty cool lesson in semantics. One that is worth paying $65 for half an hour of her time. I also highly recommend asking her about the map-quest of emotions. She had me rolling with laughter.

Since working with amber and using the tools she gave me my life has taken some amazing turns. I moved into the house of my dreams, started a new path in my life, stopped putting myself last and have steadily been recreating the relationships I’m in to be more healthy and beautiful.

I look forward to interviewing Amber in the near future.

You can find more info on the services she offers at her website Zeta Moon. She hinted at the fact that she would be doing an overhaul and a bit of rebranding soon. I can’t wait to see what she does.