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“Why are you putting up roadblocks?” #coaching #MomshellConfessional

Sitting in my coaches car, waiting for my son’s IEP. I threw a huge roadblock in front of my flow. “I would have to have a car to keep him from killing me if I choose to homeschool him.”

“I would have to have a car to keep him from killing me if I choose to homeschool him.”

Those words actually left my mouth. We had been talking about setting up a curriculum for the summer for Ben. Subconsciously I tossed the biggest issue I could out in front of me that I could, all while I was suppose to be reviewing and preparing for Ben’s IEP.

My coach asked me bluntly why I was roadblocking. She didn’t use that term at first. My confusion was evident so she broke it down into a much more visual example.

“You have a bad habit of putting caution cones and roadblocks in your way. Big bright obstacles that keep you from the direct path.”

Thinking about it I do. It is part of what makes me appear to be an amateur and part of what makes me appear to be a fool. Mostly it slows me down.

What do I do?

When I catch myself doing this I open myself up to the endless possibilities the universe puts in front of me and have a little faith and trust that everything will fall into place for my highest good.

Mantras seem to be helping.


Peace Love and Great Vibrations,



#FinalisFinibusTractus #writingprompt #scifi #spacetalk #DrWho

This question draws me into the concepts of  Satellite 5 (featured in three Doctor Who episodes.).

An orbital space-based media would need to focus on both Earth and all of the highlights of what is going on in the atmosphere. I am going to assume that journalistic integrity has been restored and there is a ton of construction going on in space.

Idealistically social issues, climate issues, technology, and philanthropic issues will be at the forefront of every media outlet, print or video. With the way climate change is bounding forward, social issues will become more intense.

Technology will most likely be a huge focus of journalists. As quickly as technology changes today I can only imagine how quickly it will change in the future. We can only hope that trash and recycling have been dealt with via tech and behavior and won’t be in the media frequently… But then again strikes might be big news.

Realistically “Entertainment” issues will most likely be up front. Who’s getting a divorce and who is getting married, or whatever the equivalent is will still be there. Who got in a fight and who is on what new fangled drug? Who is sleeping with who will probably still be highlighted in some of the media… sadly I don’t see this sales pitch going away. Sports will still be big… though there may be new sports covered (Zero G Quidditch anyone?)



#FinalisFinibusTractus – Grub Time

Food? Hum. Well I guess that depends on the type of ship we take and the amount of space we have to produce our own food.

As a space ship is an indoor self-contained facility without the benefit of a star at the correct distance, I imagine that the majority of our food will be grown using grow lights. Currently, there are lights that have a wide color spectrum which is vital for indoor plant growth.

What about growing mediums?

Hell we can grow green beans in an old boot with some dirt here on Earth but what will we use in space?

Soil is heavy so an aeroponic system might be the most efficient system but some plants have to have soil and will not thrive in any type of hydroponics. Their root structures are too fragile or complex to survive without a sub straight. If we want to have fish of any kind aquaponics might be a good solution.

I imagine variety might be an issue but then again, with enough space and ingenuity, seed wouldn’t be a huge problem. Between the seed vault in Norway, the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation and the thirteen other seed vaults I think we might have a decent chance of bio diversity.

Now if we can manage to build ships like the one with an ocean in it or one with a whole forest growing in it then we are talking a whole new ballpark. We could create an entire biome that housed not only humans but animals as well.

However, I would think that after a long time in space on a generation ship people would probably have evolved away from the current state of being omnivorous. Cryo-chamber people… I would guess still crave bacon to a large degree… unless the need to eat meat had been eliminated prior to travel. In which case I would wonder how and if humanity evolved to a point where they did not consume meat.

Back to the food forest. Insects would play a large role in the fertility of said forest unless you had an army of people to hand pollinate the biome. Personally, I would love to pack a hive of bees, a legion of grasshoppers, an army of caterpillars and a kaleidoscope of butterflies in the ship.

Honestly we will have to look at food production and consumption from a wholistic perspective.


#poerty #oblitusverba – Word of the day – extent

Can we believe we are enough?

“A flock of ravens, crows, small birds I couldn’t name, eagles and hawks my guides.”

The solar winds at my tail I flew like in a dream.

I could hear the drum calling.

My mind constructing Mythos as I flew through the stars.

The earth’s scars surrounding me.

The vastness of what lived beyond my insignificant spark engulfed me.

It was as if I had stepped foot for the time on Terra.

Sensing a vibration I looked up.

Planes and birds aloft.

How far we have come since the air became no longer for birds alone.


Have we finally broke through the veil of willful ignorance?


Will we now soar the starbelts?


Will we travel now that the stars have opened up to us?
Can we believe we are enough?



“You won’t have to face them alone…”

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Everyone has problems. We all choose to face our fears or run from them. We do not have to face them alone. We can choose to face our problems alone, but that is a choice. If we fear being alone, we will most-likely manifest a situation where we must face our fear of loneliness.

Spend some time alone, learn to love yourself enough to love your own company.


Peace, Love and Great Vibrations,


Card of the Day – Sage of Worlds – Master


Through experience you have mastered your craft. Because you know how the wheels turn in your world and the world, you have mastered the wheel of fortune. As the master of your art, you see your reflection in your work. Preform your trade and and fulfill your responsibilities impeccably. Use your worldly life to cultivate your inner character. Engage in “Right Livelihood” of living healthy, wealthy, happy and holy.

Through your knowledge and the quality of your efforts, you achieve power and status, symbolized by the crown and elk horns. Though king of the mountain, nevertheless be humble, modest, and share your wealth. As one who is fully established, relax in your work, play at it and enjoy it. Take time out to pursue your hobbies, get energized, be with your friends and follow your spiritual path.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson

The Card of the Day – The Five of Worlds – Setbacks

5 of wands

Just as the earth suffers devastation and disaster, your most beautiful, prosperous, solidly organized projects and plans – on which you depend and bank – encounter setback: a drying up of resources (drought), a sudden ruination (hurricane, forest fire, volcanic eruption), a block (wall)or parting of ways (abandoned village).

Defeat and difficulty are regenerative, as are the earth’s natural disasters. The earth’s healthy new seeds symbolize this new life. For every storm, there is a rainbow. Take a step back – a strategic retreat – to go two steps forward through the newly open door of opportunity. As it is said, make lemonade out of lemons.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson

Card of the Day – The Ace of Crystals – Brilliance


The Ace of Crystals – Brilliance

The formulation of pure consciousness into an idea is symbolized by the Ace. The Citritne sunburst represents the awakening of your mind, a flash of insight, “aha. Now I see.” You are cutting through darkness and clouds, symbolizing unawareness and confusion. The diamond brilliance of your ideas emanates a light that is inspiring, clarifying, stimulating and revolutionary to others. Your natural brilliance has shown through. Believe in your unique genius and produce from it.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson

The Card of the Day – The Man of Crystals – Inventor


The Man of Crystals – Inventor

Like the crystal that generates new perceptions, your mind invents new ideas and knowledge. Be like a scientist experiencing a creative explosion of mind. The Crystal Man symbolizes, like the extraordinary variety of uses of the crystals, the technological application of your ideas. Both as technician and scientist, revolutionize your world, as crystal has done, through practical invention and innovations. Brainstorm! Play with ideas, spin them around in the sky lab of your mind.

Voyager Tarot : Intuition Cards for the 21st Century

James Wanless, Ph.D.

Artist Ken Knutson