Life begins as the ending meets #poem

Life begins as the ending meets

Long forgotten stories of Earth’s bosom,

Clouds roll over abandoned streets


Burned sunlight refracts and the crust overheats

Gone beyond the last season, descendants of the issam

Life begins as the ending meets


Overhead atmospheric trap door to the planet’s oubliettes

Ghost gardens fill the sidewalks with forgotten alyssum

Clouds roll over abandoned streets

Extinct currency, forgotten in digital decomposed spreadsheets

Greed the downfall, possessions the blissom

Life begins as the ending meets

The planet resets the cosmic scales and ends those who mistreats

Too late humanity abandoned the acquisitiveness hymn

Clouds roll over abandoned streets  

Fires burn and oxygen depletes

Dreams abruptly stopped by cataclysm

Life begins as the ending meets

Clouds roll over abandoned streets.


#FinalisFinibusTractus – #scifi – #poetry #TheEntrusted


on the oil-soaked beach,

a monk,

in bright orange robes.


a respirator

watched as thousands of streams of steam


in the red smog-choked sky.



The job had been described as a death sentence.


She volunteered.


Along with 10,000 machines,

eight hundred monks


four hundred scientists

together they

would bring back the garden







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#poetry #oblitusverba – Word of the Day – passive



The mountains sit,

passive observers of the world.

They watch the feeble ministrations of humanity,

moving about like ants.

Some will build dwellings on the rocky face,

others will dig out ore.

Many will come and many will leave,

a blink in the time of the giant.

Passive in humanities eyes,

The mountains feel timeless and unchanging,

Yet they are dynamic,

Their time moves in a completely different scale.

That rock-slide took minutes yet was a fraction of a single heart beat in the life of the mountain.

It’s birth took millions of years.

We humans are but a fraction of a fraction of an instant in the mountains existence.

#FinalisFinibusTractus – Day 1


The thought that “we are not alone,” fascinates and frightens me, in an exhilarating way. It is like driving on the side of a mountain with only inches on either side of you. One misstep and we will careen off the edge. However, if we are cautious then we will find amazing views and  many new experiences.

I know that when I think about the unknown aspects of an entire culture my mind races. I wonder if I will be able to find any similarities between said race and humanity. Because we are, “all star dust” There is the chance that if we are exceptionally lucky we have a lot in common with our celestial neighbors.

The fear that life beyond our little puddle in space will be far far advanced from us,  worries me because their intent is unknow. Humans seem to be pretty violent creatures, we have bombed the crap out of our planet and destroyed many ecosystems. So if our neighbors are like us, they could have our violent tendencies too.

Overall, I have to hope that we will find life out there somewhere and that for the most part, other lifeforms are peaceful in nature.






#oblitusverba – Word of the day – protect


Serve and protect? Who does this today?

Who does this today?

Do we serve and protect the people around us? Are we serving and protecting the land on which we rely?

Are we serving and protecting the land on which we rely?


To protect our very breath and food supply will we let go of the materialistic drive we have been taught? Do we really need that fifth black pair of boots? Do we really need that brand new phone?

Do we really need that fifth black pair of boots?

Do we really need that brand new phone?

Are we dependent on a piece of plastic in our wallet?


When we look at our children will we wonder what their future holds, or hide from that thought and run? What will it take to protect our children? What will it take!!?

What will it take to protect our children? What will it take!!?

What will it take!!?


Are we hiding from the unknown and wallowing in the boob-tube?

Will the water we take for granted today be drinkable tomorrow?

Will we have grain to eat tomorrow?

Will we find frozen dinners convenience driven lives?

Will the wrappers from or diet end up in the ocean?


Will we be forced to leave our home, just to find and trash another planet?

Will we commit suicide en-mass?




Will we change our poor ways?

Will we eat better, with less packaging?

Will we protect our water and lands?

Will we stand up for our home?

Will we bring it back to being a garden?

Will we make small changes that lead to huge impact?

Will we find ways to share our overabundances?

Will we find ways to make our society function without intense consumerism?

What steps will you take today to make tomorrow beautiful?

#oblitusverba – Word of the day – indignant

Emotions flooded my being.

Indignant thoughts spewed out of nowhere.

How could this catastrophe have begun?

I deserved better.

We all deserve better!

When will we see that history is repeating?

How many people will starve?

How many people persecuted?

How much land poisoned?

How much toxic water?

What will it take?

How much land stolen and sold for greed?

When will we stand up for our rights?

When will we stand our ground?

Word of the Day

I woke one morning to find a lambent orange light filtering through the sheer white curtain. My mind filled with panic. I walked out the front door in a daze. The sun was crimson in the sky, I could look right at it the smoke was so thick. The side of the mountain was on fire.



Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider an Old Crone she is,

with a universal Heartbeat

slowly she repel-l-s




her quiet booming voice says, “Hello.”

the Stars open their eyes wide,

the birds quiet

Frog speaks up.

It’s voice ringing in the air.

Everyone around grows quiet.

Dragonfly’s wings crackle in the air. Mother Bee buzzed in the air.

Brother Wind whispers to Sister Tree.

Brother Moss feels Sister Tree’s curiosity.

Sister Tree sighs.

Dog raises it’s head from Sister Tree’s base.

A child’s head tilts as a new question forms, “Who’s there?”

“Grandmother Spider.”




Frog drum –

What do dragonfly’s sound like?

What do bee’s sound like?

How Plants & Documentary

Drummers and the Universal Beat

Every human being alive now carries a beat. It is the center of their personal universe. This beat began as a tandem 4×4 beat.

Mother; two beats: child; two beats.

Memory of being a part of something else and genetic memory of a fathers beat.

Matrilineal and Patrilineal Bond.

Thump. Thump. Pause.

Thump. Thump. Pause.

So on and so forth.

So on and so forth until Maboz meets you for tea.


Naga – Are you thirsty? #poetry

What is a naga? A free being that brings and protects the water.

Elders around the world watch in horror and morbid fascination.

A being rises from the sea of clouds.

A naga has broken free of a thunder-clapper.

Heartbeats tug open closed off compassion valves around the globe.


Wonderment fills the mind of children.

oh dragon scales of cottony rainbow

serpent of aquarian bliss

whom butterflies dare kiss

bring rain today to play

enough for our crops

enough for the sea

enough for the rock people