Life begins as the ending meets #poem

Life begins as the ending meets

Long forgotten stories of Earth’s bosom,

Clouds roll over abandoned streets


Burned sunlight refracts and the crust overheats

Gone beyond the last season, descendants of the issam

Life begins as the ending meets


Overhead atmospheric trap door to the planet’s oubliettes

Ghost gardens fill the sidewalks with forgotten alyssum

Clouds roll over abandoned streets

Extinct currency, forgotten in digital decomposed spreadsheets

Greed the downfall, possessions the blissom

Life begins as the ending meets

The planet resets the cosmic scales and ends those who mistreats

Too late humanity abandoned the acquisitiveness hymn

Clouds roll over abandoned streets  

Fires burn and oxygen depletes

Dreams abruptly stopped by cataclysm

Life begins as the ending meets

Clouds roll over abandoned streets.


#EPICfaiL #Vegan #parenting & #pizza

Monday was great. I was taken out for salad.

Tuesday I heated up beir rocks.

Wednesday… Epic Fail I was exhausted. Only got 3 hours of sleep. In the morning I at dolmas, a banana, and Oreos… Yes, Oreos are vegan. Then the afternoon came around. I had both kids alone… I ordered Pizza. The pasta without sauce with mushrooms, onions, and spinach for the kids.

But I ate the spinach, Feta, and mozzarella cheese bread. God, I’m paying for it. My body is achy and my stomach feels like a train is tunneling through it at full speed. My emotions are crazy strong I started to cry out of the blue. God dairy hormones are intense when you eat it for the first time in a long time.

I’m not sure why I wanted Pizza so badly. I guess the convenience won me over… a screaming one year old who had been screaming from teething pain for 4 hours straight ended my will power at about 4:45 PM.

That is one of the reasons I feel like crap right now. I spent money on things that I do not want to perpetuate… I bowed my ass over to a consumeristic mentality and took the easy way out. I could have easily tossed more beir rocks into the oven or made a salad, or any number of quick fixes like a bowl of cereal. But I didn’t.

Now I am paying for it.

So what do you do when you mess up or miss read a label or in general epic fail at being vegan?


When an adult breaks mores of their culture, disciplinary actions are taken. What happens when disciplinary actions are viewed as positives by the person who is breaking the code of the culture?

What does one do when Pain evokes pleasure in a person who is being disciplined? Withhold the pain? I don’t know. Yet the lick of the leather calls to some and it is TABOO.


Talk to you soon,



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A blue and white checker-board-cloth lay across the grassy knoll.

Green bottle overturned.

Red wine spilled across the checkers staining them purple.

Wicker basket open.

Hard cheese wheel, sun warmed lay on the grass.

Cold bread being explored by a scouting ant half way on the cloth.

The wine lay forgotten.

The cheese lay forgotten.

The picnic forgotten an hour ago.

Two lovers  tasting each other, connoisseurs of romance, connoisseurs of the flesh.


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I wish I could say my emotions were under control.

I wish I could say that I am stable as stone, alas stone is unstable.

I wish I could say that my mind was balanced, yet the winds shake tears loose.

I wish I could say that my mood is impassive, however, empathy drives me insane.

Oh to be stolid and solid of will, Sadly I am a mote of dust in a sandstorm.



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#FinalisFinibusTractus #spacetalk #scifi #writingprompt #HumanRights

Honestly I think that both are vital to survival once we leave the planet. Air can be created in space, as can water. If you look at the first link you will see how breathable air is created on the ISS and the reclamation system in the last link talks about how the ISS gets its water.

In The Expanse(TV), a speculative fiction currently on Syfy, water is mined from the asteroid belt in the form of ice. It claims that water is more precious than air… In a way this is correct. On the ISS air is created by Electrolysis of water. I would be interested to see if any of the international space organizations or one of the commercial space companies can find a way to safely use the jettisoned hydrogen as part of a propulsion system. Also if there was a way to harness the methane that is produced by vegetation and human waste that could also be conceivable if used as a propulsion system.



#amwriting #writingprompts #oblitusverba #damn #dialouge

“Damn. Damn. Damn. ”

“Damn it all to hell.”

“Be damned you silly twat.”

“What will the world do with this damnable prick?”

“Hell and damnation on you!”

“The hell are you talking about, that is a damn good lie.”

“Damn you! What do you think you’re doing?”



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#oblitusverba – #writingprompts – Word of the day – comradeship

What is the common aim of humanity? Peace, plentiful food, space, healthy planet, healthy well-educated children, self-sufficiency? The list goes on and on.

In such a contentious world how can we find common ground? We could begin with basic human rights. Clean water, fresh clean food, freedom of speech, freedom of the press.


So many other things to add.

Talk to you later,




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#oblitusberba – -#wordprompts – Word of the Day – fission

How does fission work?

“Between atoms or between ideas?”


“divide the idea into smaller parts.”

“How does that help?”


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#oblitusverba – #writingprompts – Word of the day – Deed

What are the deeds and responsibilities of a citizen?
It varies from culture to culture but in my head the biggest deeds a citizen can take are:
1. Vote or share your voice loudly
2. Learn to use a clipboard. (If you missed this live it is worth reading or listening to!)
3. Participate!
4. Feed and talk to your neighbors.
What does it take to fulfill a position in public service?
I live in The United States and I regularly listen to politicians. Right now I am wondering how certain people have been nominated for certain positions. One comedian said, “It is like all the nominations are being put in charge of things they hate.” That is a paraphrase and I can’t remember who said it but it seems true. Wouldn’t it be better to have public servants serving in areas that they are passionate about?

How many people need to follow through with their destiny?

Simply everyone should pursue their passions regardless of perceived obstacles. Those obstacles are the way to  the solution. Keep looking if you are hunting a passion and your personal destiny.
What will it take to do the multitude of deeds to achieve our ideal future?
(My humble opinion?)
Well if you want to get technical each person has an ideal future that is individualized. However, as a collective humanity is in search of an ideal future that is based on collective good, compromise, and individual freedoms.