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My response:

As a sibling of two brothers with Down Syndrome, a mother to a special needs child and a woman who has had two abortion due to viability issues of fetuses and issues with my personal health, I think we are looking at the wrong issues.

Raising a #specialneeds child to adulthood is extremely difficult especially if you face doing so in abject poverty. Running a business as a single parent with a special needs child is near impossible due to medical costs and procedures. Raising a child with all the support in the world is difficult due to prejudice and misconceptions. It can be done, but it can be soul crushing.

Some parents can rise to the occasion, others can not. In the 9 months I spent in the hospital after my son was born I witnessed an adoptive parent turn the child back over to the state. She could not handle the responsibility or get past her fear of raising an “imperfect” child with a life ending disease. The child went to it’s disabled biological grandparent. I met many more who rose to the occasion and called the hospital their home for years.

Should an abortion be considered in the case of Down Syndrome, no. Down Syndrome has some serious medical issues that can be addressed in the early years and a person with any form of Downs can be successful to their full capacity.

Should it be considered when you know that this is the 10th pregnancy you have had, you miscarried 9 pregnancies because of a genetic disorder that if lucky the pregnancy will abort during the fifth month, and if not will cause unending pain to the child and a slow painful death over 8 minutes to 2 years? Perhaps.

The issue is about choice and the maturity it takes to grow into a parent. There are people who will never grow the maturity even after 15 children. A woman has the right to choose if she is mentally, physically and financially stable enough to raise a child, able bodied/minded or with a disability. Will she have the support from family, friends, colleagues, and the community or will she be forced into isolation? Will she be able to give the child all of the time required to help it thrive or will her need to pay bills take away time from valuable therapies, medical care and mom time?

Would I abort a child because of a test that says they will be special needs? Not likely. Would I abort a child because the pregnancy was causing long term damage to my body? I have. Would I abort a pregnancy because the child had not grown in size in 3 months and the heartbeat sounded wrong to the doctor? Possibly.

It is not a black and white photo to dissect bit by bit. There are so many layers to the argument. Unless you have walked the many sides of the issue what right do we have to say something is ethically right or ethically wrong? God does not judge an ethical choice based on social morals. 



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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Some of the most successful energetic predators appear as the wisest teachers, the sincerest seekers, the strongest leaders (or bullies) or as the most vulnerable victims.

The common mechanism appears to the projection of a certain role that has an influence on another person´s psyche, i.e. whether it is able to ´hook´ the other.

This could appear as:

The Alpha
The Charismatic Guru
The Passive-Aggressive Student
The Wounded Victim
(and more .. and probably multiple archetypes at once)

I´ll use the ´Wounded Victim´ example in this article.

Now someone coming up with a wounded backstory, scars and a bleeding heart is someone I would have a lot more sympathy for.

That creates an entry point. (Tends to be the ´hook´ for most empaths and sensitives)

Now a person may have multiple reasons to present themselves in this form:

(1) They might really just want some help to get out of…

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They say when a crisis of the spirit hits it feels like the world is shattering around you.They say when your environment is in chaos everything in your mind is not at ease.

They say when your internal dialog goes dark and silence is the only friend things are not well.

They say when emo words fall from silent lips, tears are soon to follow. 

They say…

They say…

They say…

Yet alone we walk, on a road with only one end. 

Paths coverging and diverging. 

Paths full of thorns, snairs and nothingness.

Alone in a croud they say.

Crowded in the mind say others. 

They say pretty things.

They say terribly painful things.

They say…

Thay say…

The voices in our minds.

 The Beauty of a Blender #vegan #cooking


I was gifted a blender. 

First things first. Banana smoothies for the family.

Second oat and quinoia pancakes.

Third… Flour.

Fourth… Biscuit dough mix. 

Fifth… Coconut Milk Icecream

Sixth… More pancakes.

Seventh… Spinach and artichoke dip.

Eighth… Refried beans.

Ninth… Mashed potatoes.

Tenth… Cashew cheese.

Eleventh… Peanut butter cookie dough.

Twelfth… Smooth as glass chia seed eggs.

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 A warm heavey object rests at my breasts
ryhthmicly breathing
twitching every once and a while.
her caremal skin is covered in peach fuzz,
her dark hair is soft and yet… course,
the twinge of a smile lifts teh corner of her open mouth..
He digits imposssibly warm in the crook of my elbow.
sleepy seeds rest in the corner of the little lions eyes
she is so heavy against my chest.
the twitching show when she is dreeming deeply,
I can only imahgine the vulpine tricks she plays in that dreamy haze
her nose wiggles as does her fingers.
two tiny and sharp teeth wiggle out from swolen gumz
and I am struck by of memories the day her first tooth started breaking through.
I am so greatful she is in my life.