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Skinny Bitch #BookReview #Vegan

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Okay, so I read this book a while ago. It was a good read and the whole time I listened my brain gave the authors the voice of Fran Dresher. I sidestepped the ethical issues because originally I became vegan for two reasons; a girl and my health.

It is well written, well researched and pretty funny. The book takes the approach of as the title implies, Vegan=Skinny. Now over the years, I did slim down considerably and when I dropped the Vegan lifestyle I did balloon and got really fucking sick. As in so sick, I had a bed pan sick.

How does a person who became vegan for health reasons become that sick? By ignoring food allergies and by having a genetic disease and for me at least by falling off the vegan bandwagon.

I digress, Skinny Bitch talks about nutrition and how the crap we put in out bodies on  SAD (Standard American Diet) is literally killing us. To this day the thought of drinking a diet soda ( which I never did before reading and never will after reading) makes my skin crawl and feel like I should look for a copy of arsenic and old lace.


Click the link to grab a copy. It is a good read if you are just going out to the VEGAN Ballpark and want to take a turn hitting the bat.

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YOU ARE  A BADASS by Jen Sincero

A sassy and audacious SELF HELP BOOK. Jen Sincero is freaking awesome. This book is a coaching dream, she weaves her personal experiences and solid coaching with a killer wit to create a wonderful guide.

Crass words and hilarious stories fill the pages as well as information about how to get your shit together. Dealing ith yourself is the biggest theme of the book. Dig out the imaginary bullet and be a BadASS.


There are a few issues. If you are chronically depressed, this book may rub some serious salt in the wounds. Getting past Depression is a difficult and seriously intense problem… however, letting go can make healing from depression easier. Dealing with the excuses and crap we have dealt with is necessary. Been there, done it and  still pulling out of depression when it hits.


#BookReview – Entangled (Ages of Invention Book 1) by S.B.K. Burns – #timetravel #scifi #romancenovel

Entangled Ages of Invention Book 1 is a really well-written story.  The cover art threw me. I was hesitant to read it at first but after five pages I was hooked.

Dawn an emotional Hume’n has been masquerading as an emotionless Cartesian. Her only thoughts in the last few year focusing on her life’s work, past life regression. Enter her university professors brother, Taylor. He is a quintessential bodybuilder who happens to love mathematics and is a Cartesian.

The book holds all the components of a great time travel book, a machine with a shady scientist, another shady scientist, ghosts, body jumping and it wouldn’t be a smashing romance without the sex scenes.

Fact-checking some of the science was a blast, I got a crash course in advanced mathematics and some 18th-century history. I appreciated the information at the back of the book about the inspiration for some of the characters.

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#BookReview – The Groom’s Gamble: A Novella by #JadeLee – #romance #regency #forbbidenromance

This novella is the prequel to What The Groom Wants.  I found The Groom’s Gamble on Amazon and devoured it. Having read What The Groom Wants first, I knew a little about Caroline and her dashing Scottish Earl, Gregory Murray.

Gregory Murray and Carolines Lyncott “forbidden romance” is sweetly told, it begins two years into Caroline’s tenure as the housekeeper to the Earl of Hartfell.  Gregory’s sister Lady Ann invites gypsies into the house, and one attempts to rob the house. Caroline intervenes and is injured. Gregory swoops in and saves Caroline from near strangulation.

During her recovery Gregory decides to promote Caroline, she becomes Lady Ann’s companion. Caroline, the unrecognized great grand-daughter of a Duke, raised to have the poise of a dutchess even though she was as broke as all the people in her London neighborhood, can pull it off. During preparations for the Season, Lady Ann insists that her brother hunts up a wife or she will blow off the Season, and not look for a husband.

The antagonist “Deamon Damon” from What The Groom Wants makes an appearance in name and the scars he left on Caroline when she was 18. The scars Carolin believes will keep her an old maid housekeeper only fuels Gregory’s passions and love.

Sex scenes are well executed and the dialogue is fantastic. I found the tension between Gregory and Caroline was intense from the second they are in the same room. The waltzing practice later in the book only heats things up between Caroline and Gregory. While Caroline willingly jumps in his bed, Gregory wants more from her than a mistress.

I wish Gregory had slipped into his Scottish brogue more frequently. It would have added a lot more depth and credence to his character. I am hoping that there is a book that deals with Gregory’s sister, she seems like a character that deserves her own book. Lady Ann’s entanglement with the gypsy man and fascination with the occult seems like it would make a great story. More history on the deceased sister would be nice as well.

I am hoping that there is a book that deals with Gregory’s sister, she seems like a character that deserves her own book. Lady Ann’s entanglement with the gypsy man and fascination with the occult seems like it would make a great story. More history on the deceased sister would be nice as well.


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#BookReview – What the Groom Wants by #JadeLee – #suspense #romance #regency

I picked up What The Groom Wants at my library and fell in love with the novel.

By day Wendy Drew, an inhabitant of regency London, owns a dress shop for the haut ton. By night she finds herself still paying off her brother’s gambling debts after months of working in Deamon Damon’s Gambling Hell.  While she is the main protagonist in the book she has a definitive dark side, one you can feel her wrestle with as the book progresses. She definitely has the spirit of a Borgia as is exclaimed by one of the ton after Wendy’s particularly vicious revenge on Deamon Damon! Her spunk and grit give the book an immense amount of depth.

On the first reading I found Radley Lyncott flat, but after the second read I found him to have quite a bit of substance. I think this is because Wendy Drew and Deamon Damon are such domineering characters.  Radley, by contrast arrives on shore after his ship is attacked by pirates determined to pursue a courtship with Wendy, only to be waylaid by her impending eviction and his sudden Dukedom. My interpretation of what Lee has written with Radley’s character shows her skill at subtlety. Radley, known as the “Prince” of he and Wendy’s childhood neighborhood, left for sea on the urging of Wendy after his sister had been brutally attacked by Deamon Damon.  He was raised knowing he was a poor due to love and the grandson of a duke. He is definitely human and a sailor at heart. I would have like the character to have been deeper. Radley is definitely human and a sailor at heart. He is enamored by his cousins radiant beauty but knows the only woman for him is Wendy.

The show stealer is Deamon Damon. It is rare that the antagonist is so fascinating in a romance novella. He is definitely a psychopath and sociopath, he takes pleasure in hurting people without their consent. Damon orchestrates in successive order the downfall and ruination of Wendy Drew. He “ruined” Radley’s sister, by marking her as Damon’s whore, by carving his initials into her breast. At one point he has Wendy cowed and submissive, through blackmail and intimidation, as he holds “court” in his Hell. There is a dark quality to the man that seduces Wendy. She marries Damon and the plot thickens. The confusion he brings to the story by tempting her darker nature is what make the story so intriguing.

Plot wise Lee has this tale in the bag. There are twists and turns that surprised me as well as floored me. The ending was spectacular!






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#Bookreview – Paradox Series by Stewart Sanders – Spoiler Alert #scifi

I finished up Convergent Paradox (Book 2) and  Paralysis Paradox (Book 1) for the third time. While the confusion I felt in book one demanded I read book two I’m glad I did. Book 2 cleared up some of my confusions and left me hungry to read book 3. I had some trouble wrapping my head around a number of the complex concepts in both books, but on the second and third readings I picked up subtle information that I missed on the first read.

The main character being in 4 locations simultaneously was tough to comprehend. The sleep-wake transition appears to be a good method but takes significant practice to keep the flow. Some of the abrupt transitions are understandable because of the events in the plot. Compared to the smoother transitions in book two, the perspective shifts in book one are rough. 

Convergent Paradox rings of quantum entanglement yet the way the tales are woven brings to mind a film where the main character couldn’t tell if one life was real or the dream life was real. I do hope that in the third installment reality gets cleared up. 

I love the character development from book one to book two. Each facit of the character seems to have been developed separately (book one), then merged into a fifth character that encompasses the knowledge of each era(book two). Simultaneously an 11th century prince, a common worker in 1911, a teenage girl in 1996 and a machine somewhere in an alternate future, the fifth character holds each in balance. Each character could theoretically stand on its own, but as the memories bleed through clearly on each page you see how the fifth character is evolving. 

Endings: Cliffhangers. Sad to say while the cliffhangers are well written they did not leave me any satisfaction or closure at all.

Anamnesis Paradox (Book three ) Looks promising. I hope it clears up a few things about the time loop the main character seems to be stuck in. I really hope it doesn’t hold a cliffhanger to a new series.


Personally, I feel that this series would have been better served if it were one book.  If I had been dropped into book two then went back to read book one I would not have read the series.  These are not stand alone books.   Find all three books together here. <<<<