Ranch Dressing #Recipe #vegan

I like Ranch Dressing. For years I have made it at home. It is a pretty simple recipe but if you don’t want to make it and want to buy it try, Follow Your Heart High Omega Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing.  It is a pretty good Ranch overall. 

On to the Recipe.

You will need:

1 cup of either Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise, or Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise, or Follow Your Heart Soy-Free Vegenaise

1/8 cup of non-dairy milk I prefer almond.

1 tsp mustard

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

2 tsp garlic powder (use more or less dependant on your preference.)

two small stalks of fresh dill finely minced (about a tablespoon and 1 tsp last I had fresh dill)

1 Tbsp of parsley ( I like fresh but dried will do fine)

2 tsp of dried onion powder (or if you feel fancy 1/4 of a small fresh onion grated finely)

1/4 tsp of pepper

2 stalks of chives ( one tbsp dried)

salt to taste



Wisk till mixed well.

Bottle and enjoy. Should keep for 2 weeks.

Can you do #VEGAN without a Blender?

Eight years ago I had a beautiful food processor and an amazing blender. Now I have neither. The food processor had a date with the floor that ended in heartbreak. Every blender I have had since then has been burned out or dropped.

I miss pecan ground “meat”, nut cheeses I make myself and the ease of making cookie dough in a food processor. Smoothies, blender pancakes, and smooth mashed potatoes… The mashers broke my last blender.

Alas, it is fucking hard to go vegan without a blender and pretty rough without a food processor… That said if my rice cooker broke today I would cry.

However, it can be done.

So scratch the hummus and smooth creamy soups off the list. Seriously just buy Trader Joes Hummus, it is worth driving an hour to buy. Cut your veggies super small and push it through a sieve if you want a smooth soup.

Stick to whole foods and forgo the transition foods altogether. Start with the basics. Learn what food tastes like. Each vegetable and each grain have a unique flavor. Can you tell the difference between ground cinnamon and ground cardamom? Can you taste the difference between a yellow summer squash and a zucchini? What is the difference between a yellow, red or white onion? There are definitely differences.

Steam up some broccoli and cauliflower. Test a few different dressings.  Steam some cashews until fork tender and then use a knife to smash them with some roasted garlic,  a little salt, and NUTCH, then add a little olive oil and whisk. It is a killer simple sauce.

You don’t have a whisk? I recommend this one.   A good whisk can do amazing things when it comes to sauces. you can use it to make ranch, chia eggs, flax eggs, suds up the water to convince the kiddo to do dishes or splatter paint all over the house (More on that in a later post.)

Now as to the giant knife in the photo… Make sure you have at least three good knives, A paring knife, a bread knife and a good larger knife. I do almost everything with the beasty in the photo. I have a teeny tiny paring knife that kiddo uses and an old but amazing bread knife. I also have two other knives that keep showing back up in my kitchen when I have put them in the donation box a few times.

My brain is a little on overdrive right now so I will get back at yall later.

Peace, Love, and Great Vibrations,

Steffi AKA Ben’s Mom

Why I am going back to being #vegan.

For a little over three years, I forsook being vegan. I was sick, people brought me meals that were not vegan, started feeding my kid McDonalds and well life got rough. I’m jumping back into animal-free foods. My husband has requested I buy breakfast meats for Sunday brunch and meat for Boots our pug. I can get behind the meat for Boots. It is a heck of a lot better for him than dog food… and it won’t be that much of a stretch, he already eats about 10 pounds of meat a month. The two pounds of meat hubby wants a month I can overlook… for now.

My family never went back to dairy due to food allergies, so at this point, we are going back to not eating meat.

In the last two months, I cut back our meat consumption by over 3/4. This month all I bought was Pepperoni which was devoured in a day, and a pound of high-quality Bacon and a pound of high-quality sausage for my husband. (dog food excluded)

My son is addicted to hamburgers at this point so I’m going to be experimenting with vegan paddies.


As for the seitan based “meats,” I’m gonna pass for the most part. I will probably make Pepperoni and sausage… I need to dig up my old vegan cooking notes.


As for the why???

I want to get healthy again and well I’m sick of all the water waste in the commercial meat industry.

#parenting #friendship and #cancer

Some mornings I wish I wouldn’t open facebook or any social media… I went and looked at a friends feed and tears started rolling down my cheeks. Her daughter has cancer.

The first cancer post I skimmed and skipped. Not realizing it was her daughter. Then the Make A Wish Foundation post…

Three of my siblings had Make A Wish trips. Those memories flooded back… Then the pain and exhaustion in my friends eyes made sense. I had seen that look before in the Ronald McDonald House.

Last night one of the parents from RMH Houston posted about her daughters remains being stolen. Back to my friend… She looked exhausted. I wanted to see how happy she and her family was… There are days I really need to just hide.

My friend was around when my sister died of a brain tumor. She was around when my brothers were born sick. I can only hope that the experiences help her be strong.

We all face the unknown.

#autism #Parenting #WTFReally ?

A disassembled bed and a snow day.

Rotate the laundry… find my missing shampoo bottle… empty wrapped up in a t-shirt covered in shampoo.

Start a breakfast… look for the oatmeal… give up when I find the bag empty when it was half full before bed. Pour cereal and soy milk.

Start washing dishes… notice the water pressure is low, suddenly hear the shower running below me. Walk calmly to the bathroom… Find the kiddo’s mattress in the shower. Beathe deeply and imagine I’m on a beach doing SunSalutation.

No school… Nothing productive done…

Walk into the kitchen after going to the bathroom, find son naked making brownies… his own recipe. At least he likes to cook… Why is the commercial size baking powder tub full of cocoa and honey?

Take a shower… Have son come in bathroom and want a shower… finish rinsing conditioner out of my hair, plait hair then get a towel, dry off then get dressed. Then he follows me out and wants a hug not a shower… give him a hug and send him back to bed.

Walk into my bedroom… Find child wrapped up in a blanket watching cooking videos on youtube. His mattress is still wet. Cuddle for one video, take the laptop and start writing… He bangs is head on the wall, 10 minutes later is asleep… still sitting up. I readjust him then tuck him in and go hide in the laundry room to write.


Life in the day of a Gothic MomShell… AKA This Autism Mom.


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Peace Love and Great Vibrations,


#deathsTeaParty #amwriting #excerpt

As memories overlapped, memories from thousands of lives, she sat dizzy from the sheer volume of information her mind was being forced to process. Suicide crossed her mind. Then the anger flooded her mind and she started to focus. Walking to the bathroom she grabbed a bottle and glass of water. Returning to her bed she downed four of the sleeping pills and the whole glass of water. Trying in vain to reign in her temper and not let the temporal shift drive her mad, she stared at the ceiling. Slowly the mortal world faded.  


Persephone woke moments after the sleeping pills kicked in. The high queen of the underworld stood in a dark room, willing the curtains to open, it flooded with light. The private quarters of the queen. Even Death was afraid to enter this sacred and private suit. Embroidered tapestries that she and her mother had made during the early years of her marriage, covered the walls. Naked she approached the door it opened in front of her. The temperature of the building dropping as she worked to hold her temper in check.

She stormed barefoot down the long corridor, large blue flames licking at her heels and purple sparks flying from her hair. She was livid. As she entered the great hall, spirits reached out of the pools to touch the hem of her skirt begging to go home. They had been there long before she had entered his home. As she approached the banquet table her temper flared along with her long dormant wedding gifts.

“How dare you!” she yelled. “You bastard. How dare you drop into my life like this. The agreement was that I could incarnate into any life I wished, you would let me live it without interference. I had no memories of you. Why? Why couldn’t you let me have this normal lifetime and collect me when I died? I have always come home.” Motioning to the sparks and flames around her body, “How am I supposed to explain this to my family?”

“I missed you.”

“Well that’s grand. I have a child and a husband.”

“You didn’t seem to mind until your memories came back. Besides you have two lovers and he has one as well. Why do you insist on excluding me from your life?”

“That’s not fair, I’m not intentionally excluding you, I want to live and experience more than this… this place. I was working on something important. ”

“Would you like some tea?”

“Yes and stop changing the topic.”

“Why not invite your “husband” to visit here with you? I haven’t had a male lover in few centuries.”

“Absolutely not. End of discussion.”

“As you wish darling. Would you at least act a little happy that I finally figured out how to spend time with you during your little excursions of living.”

“When I warm up a bit I might forgive you. Are you going to leave me alone to live this lifetime?”

“Absolutely not. End of discussion.”

“Fine. We need to set new rules and parameters. I assume my wedding gifts will be back in full force now, even when I’m awake. ”

“Most likely.”

Under her breath, “This is gonna be fun.’ in a sarcastic but warmer tone, loud enough that the invisible help went scurrying, ‘Why did you track me down? It must have been pretty important since you broke your promise.”

In an uncharacteristically timid and embarrassed tone, Maboz answered her question,“Well… I missed you.”


“I just missed you.” He wrapped his arms around her and drew her to his chest, “You fast cycled so I only got to see you for a few minutes.”

Even in the dream realm, the Limbo between his reality and hers, she melted into his familiar embrace. Her anger belying their five millennium marriage.

“Maybe I should take a vacation and come spend some time with your new family. Strap on a new flesh suit and get some sun.”

“No,” she emphatically stated

“Why not? It has been ages since I took personal time. If I recall it was around the time of Ramesses I.

“ So what rules will we be playing by this time and just who are you planning on getting to cover you? The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy?”

“ Actually, I covered for Santa in the 18th century and he owes me a favor.”

“ I wasn’t serious.

“I am.”

“Now what?”

“Now… You explain why you slapped me and insisted on looking at the Codex moments after I picked you up.”

A memory slammed to the forefront of her mind. Her shoulders dropping, “Let’s get to Nick’s.”



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#specialneeds #parenting #coaching

I pointed proudly at the bottle of liquid soap in the bathroom. It had been a stretch to get it, normally we only used bar soap. The home visit from the nursing company was going to be a regular and frequent event. Baby boy was home from the hospital for the first time and it had been almost two months getting a nurse to the house. He was trached and on O2, the doctor expected him to have nursing within days of us being home.

Looking back on that day I feel absolutely absurd. The poor nurse wasn’t a caseworker from child protective services, though in my mind any worker who visited was treated with the same care.

So how did I survive IN-HOME nursing and people in my house for therapies, services, and drop-ins?

  • I kept the house as clean as I could.
  • I treated them like human beings.
  • I used the therapist to learn how to be a good parent and take care of my kiddo to the best of my ability.
  • I reminded myself that no matter how poor I was they were not going to take my child away because I didn’t have a new (insert consumeristic B.S. here)
  • I reminded myself that the specialist who was in my house was there to HELP ME help my child grow and develop in the LEAST RESTRICTIVE ENVIRONMENT.



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#DeathsTeaParty #amwriting #snippit


Yes Love?

Why did you take me from my mother?

Sighing “you were the most beautiful soul I had ever seen. I wanted to spend time with you.

Thank you for letting mother spend winter here.

She’s not that bad of a mother-in-law.

How are you not working? I thought you had to be collecting souls or in the underworld all the time.

Maboz spoke,  “I don’t have to be there for everyone. You do know that right?

Persephone looked at the man in front of her in surprise, a spark of an idea blooming in her baren belly. Filled with curiosity and longing by the infant of an idea she asked, “Maboz..? Have you ever died?”

“Not that I can recall.”

“Why not?”

“It has never come up before.”






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#parenting #coaching #Autism & getting shit done

A year ago I hung up the phone with a coach’s parting words ringing in my ears, “I don’t know how you get anything done.” My son had been screaming in the background home sick that day and Hubby had been vying for my attention because he needed help with his client. I couldn’t reschedule with the coach due to her tightly booked schedule so I plugged through the phone consult repeating myself frequently and hearing her irritation grow. I decided that when I pick a coach they need to have a kid or be the oldest in a gaggle of kids.


Months ago I took my son to therapy with me. My therapist’s words still ring in my ears, “You can describe something but sometimes you just have to see it to understand.”   I took him with me today because he was already having a rough morning. The day after  Christmas we didn’t open the front door at all. He, like his father, loves to be on the road and hates being cooped up anywhere. I guess she understood why I asked for weekly therapy sessions. Then again, I fired her.

SO how do I get shit done?

  • Set alarms
  • skip sleep occasionally
  • eat highly nutritious food
  • drink lots of water
  • laugh a lot
  • know that I’m not gonna get everything done… unless I skip sleep. Even then… It isn’t all gonna get done.
  • lists, lists, lists and more lists
  • visual dream boards
  • I breathe


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#DeathsTeaParty #amwriting #snippit

“It worked! It bloody well worked!” grinning from ear to ear after nearly a decade and a half, Maboz had managed to link his physical room to her mind. He had managed to get it to work before but for some reason, he couldn’t get her there while he was there. This time was different. She looked just like the day he had met her, down to the narcissus flowers in her hair. She was a little older than the day in the hospital with her grandmother.

A moment of deep sadness overwhelmed him as he saw no recognition in her eyes.

Yet he couldn’t help himself he reached out to her naked form, started to speak to her, and kissed her cheek. Then everything went black.

Damn. It had been close. He wanted to talk to her he had to get back into that dream. As much as he tried it didn’t happen.

Morpheus had told him it would be difficult.






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